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Welcome to a quick tour of: : 

Welcome to a quick tour of: First view this presentation in PowerPoint Then experience it in Presenter

Presenter Introduction : 

Presenter Introduction Presenter represents a suite of advanced presentation and media production tools The Presenter suite includes versions optimized for presentation support, event production (live video and ultra-wide screens), and stereoscopic 3D output. Presenter provides a high impact on-air broadcast look along with unique media integration and branding capabilities – all from an efficient PowerPoint interface that simplifies authoring and editing. This tutorial introduces Presenter’s basic workflow and features, and it applies to all versions of Presenter.

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Press the FXEdit button on the Presenter toolbar Result: Your file is “Gathered” for use with Presenter To begin working with Presenter This launches the FXEditor – your primary interface for controlling Presenter …

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FXEditor Basics 3rd - Examine the Preview window to see the results of all Presenter selections as you make them 1st – Select a Theme Pack (a collection of similar FXThemes) 2nd – Select an FXTheme (similar to PowerPoint Templates) 4th – Use the Slide Sorter to choose current slides for individual Presenter assignments Selection Modes determine your current Presenter editing options

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In Themes, select an FXTheme from a Theme Pack. In Variations, give your slides Theme Specific Variations and choose between a variety of Transition options. In Options, fine-tune slide content appearance, colors, and styles. With Insert add animated 3D scenes and video In Publish, output your presentation in a variety of formats In Prefs, make global choices that affect your entire presentation FXEdit Selection Modes

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Assign Variations & Transitions 2nd – Select Variations (they’ll be assigned to all currently selected slides) 3rd – Select FXTheme Transitions (apply theme specific transitions to selected slides) 1St – Select one or more slides in the Slide Sorter (Select multiple slides using your Ctrl & Shift keys) Variations: Are similar to PowerPoint Layouts. They provide options for arranging your slide content.

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Standard and Wide Transitions Optionally, a variety of Standard (4:3) and Wide (16:9) aspect ratio transitions are also provided. These more general purpose transitions work with any FXTheme and any variation As an example observe the transition to the next slide (in Presenter)

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Go Full Screenon theCurrent Slide Go Full Screenfrom theFirst Slide DISCARD all FXEdit changes and Return to PowerPoint SAVE all FXEdit changes and Return to PowerPoint Going Full-Screen & Exiting FXEdit

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Presenter Insert Scenes Using the Insert panel in FXEdit Incorporate 3D animated logos and products on any slide. Insert Scene stand-in images in PowerPoint allow positioning, sizing, and printing. In Presenter, Insert Scenes are fully interactive – you just click & drag to rotate to orient them. Left click and drag on the Instant Effects logo

Slide 10: 

Presenter also provides a unique type of Insert Scene that allows video to be added as a streaming texture. Video Insert Scenes are fully interactive. Click and drag on the screen to right. AVI, WMV, and MPEG-1 formats are supported Great for full screenvideo as well Presenter Video Insert Scenes

Slide 11: 

Video Inserts are added & controlled from the Insert menu. Controls are similar to those for regular Insert Scenes, but also include: Video InsertScene select Video select Live video input (depending on version) Size & Position Start options Presenter Video Insert Scenes

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The Publish tab in Presenter provides the ability to output your presentation to both video and to the FXD Interactive Media Player. It also allows you to package your presentation and all the 3D and media assets it uses for delivery to other computers running Presenter Publishing in Presenter

Slide 13: 

To Publish frame accurate, high quality video: Publishing to Video Set slide timings (in PowerPoint) Select aspect ratio and resolution Choose a compression codec Publish to Video

Slide 14: 

To Publish a fully interactive, non-linear, resolution independent presentation for playback in the FXD Interactive Media Player: Publishing to FXD Press Publish to FXD File Select Assets for inclusion Choose a file name and destination Publish

Slide 15: 

To Publish a single FXPresentation (FXP) file that includes all the 3D and media assets you’ve used, plus your PowerPoint file for easy distribution to other computers: Publishing an FXPresentation Press Publish to FXPresentation Select Assets for inclusion Choose a file name and destination Publish

Tuning Theme Color : 

Tuning Theme Color Color settings embed in the PowerPoint file. When that PPT file is passed to another computer running Presenter or FXShow, the color selection is respected. Presenter FXThemes are color adjustable. To tune colors: Click on Prefs Click on Adjust Theme Color swatches Use the Windows color picker that appears Note that text and AutoShape outlines pick up the color selections Make “per slide” color adjustments in the Options / Colors panel

Branding with Images : 

Branding with Images Specify images in Prefs / Choose Branding Image Presenter allows user specified images to drive Branded Insert Scenes and Branded Transitions. Aspect ratio of input images is CRITICAL. If it’s not accurate the image will stretch. The transition to the next slide is from the Branded (Wide) transition pack. It uses a 16:9 PNG file. The slowly oscillating logo above is a branded insert scene that uses a user specified 4:3 PNG file.

Branding with FXThemes : 

Branding with FXThemes Images are chosen in the same way as with branded logos and transitions. Presenter also allows user-specified images to drive “Brandable” FXThemes. To see branding in action, choose Help / PowerPoint Samples on the Presenter toolbar, then select the “Brandable” theme pack and open one of the sample files shown on the right. The image above shows the Branded Glass Wedges theme with branding supplied by a 2D Instant Effects logo image.

PresenterToolbar : 

PresenterToolbar FXEdit: Open the FXEditor – Presenter’s primary control interface FXShow: Give Full-Screen shows Advanced: Tools and options for expert users working with large files Product: Installing software, presentations, and 3D assets Clear: Remove Presenter data from a PowerPoint file Cache: Manage Presenter’s image caching system Help: Access documentation, additional example PPT files, diagnostic tools, and Presenter information

Presenter Top 10 list : 

Presenter Top 10 list High quality broadcast graphics look Familiar PowerPoint authoring Color adjustable FXThemes Custom branding with 2D media Instant editing for last minute changes Unique 2D / 3D / video integration Efficient workflow in large files Single source saves on AV costs Great with HD video Easy publishing and distribution

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