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Midas and Others : 

Midas and Others Toni Fuchylo

Midas : 

Midas Midas was the king of Phrygia He was a very foolish ruler The Greek God, Dionysus, granted Midas whatever his heart desired

Midas’ Wish : 

Midas’ Wish Midas wished that whatever he touched would turn to gold He soon wanted Dionysus to take it back. Dionysus told him to wash in the Pactolus River

Midas and Apollo : 

Midas and Apollo Midas was chosen as a judge in a music contest between Apollo and Pan Midas picked Pan over Apollo Apollo angry at Midas gave him ears of a donkey Midas would not let anyone see his ears except the servant who cut his hair

Aesculapius : 

Aesculapius Apollo fell in love with Coronis Coronis did not love Apollo but loved a mortal He had Coronis killed He had saved his child while Coronis was placed on the fire pyre

Aesculapius : 

Aesculapius Apollo gave his son to the centaur Chiron Chiron favored Aesculapius Aesculapius loved learning about the art of healing Aesculapius had mastered his craft and soon was able to bring a man back from the dead

Aesculapius : 

Aesculapius This angered Zeus He thought thoughts too great for man Zeus stuck him with a thunderbolt which killed him Even after death people came to him to be healed

Danaids : 

Danaids Danaus had fifty daughters which are called the Danaids Aegyptus’ fifty sons wanted to marry them The Danaids, however, did not want anything to do with them Danaus takes his daughters and they flee to Argos

Danaids : 

Danaids The Argives state that a woman cannot be forced to marry someone against their will. The cousins arrive ready for a fight, but the girls agree to marry them

Slide 10: 

Their father presides over the marriage ceremony He gives all his daughters a dagger During the night after their marriage each one killed their husbands except one

Hypermnestra : 

Hypermnestra She woke her husband, Lynceus, because she could not bring herself to kill him She helped him escape instead Because she had gone against her word her father threw her into prison She is the only one of the sisters that escaped punishment. The punishment is to forever carry water in leaking jars

Glaucus and Scylla : 

Glaucus and Scylla Glaucus was a fisherman When he caught his fish he watched as they went back into the sea He ate the grass and had a longing for the sea

Circe : 

Circe Glaucus became a sea god and fell in love with Scylla who was a sea nymph She wanted nothing to do with him Glaucus went to Circe to make him a love potion She fell in love with him. But Glaucus wanted nothing to do with her for he loved Scylla

Circe : 

Circe Circe angry made a potion to put in the water where Scylla bathed As Scylla entered the water sea serpents’ and dogs’ heads had grown from her body She stayed rooted to a stone Scylla angry destroys everything that comes into her path

Erysichthon : 

Erysichthon He had ordered his servants to cut down the tallest oak that grew in a grove that Ceres loved When he cut blood flowed from the tree and a voice told him that Ceres would be mad

Ceres : 

Ceres Ceres angry had the dryads go to famine and have her go to Erysichthon His punishment was that he would always be hungry and as he hate he would become hungry for more

Erysichthon : 

Erysichthon He had spent all his money on food, but was still hungry Sold his daughter into slavery She prayed to Poseidon who changed her form and she escaped Her father sold her again and again Her father eventually kills himself

Pomona and Vertumnus : 

Pomona and Vertumnus They were Roman divinities Pomona was the only nymph who disliked the wild woodlands She favored fruit and orchards She loved to help gardeners She was opposed to men and only locked herself up among her trees

Pomona : 

Pomona Vertumnus loved her and would not love anyone else The only way he could be in her presence was when he dressed up One day he dressed up as an old woman and kissed her

Vertumnus : 

Vertumnus He told her stories of Venus and how she disliked cold hearted women He unveiled himself Vertumnus and Pomona watched over the orchards together

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