Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop


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Overview : 

2 Overview Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility: What is it? Why do it? How do you do it? Who is doing it?

Definition : 

3 Definition Social and environmental considerations Balanced integration Business operations and strategy Stakeholder engagement

Key Components of CSR : 

4 Key Components of CSR Governance, Ethics and Management Practices Community Involvement Health and Safety Human Resource Management Human Rights Customer Satisfaction and Relations Environmental Performance Supplier relations Respect for Aboriginal peoples

Best Practice in CSR : 

5 Best Practice in CSR Embedding CSR Stakeholder engagement CSR branding and leadership Consumer and public awareness CSR products Strategic community involvement

Stages of CSR : 

6 Stages of CSR Pre-CSR Basic CSR Proactive CSR Integrated CSR Mission-Driven CSR

Why Do It? : 

7 Why Do It? Business Case for CSR: Customer Loyalty Reputation and Brand Management Improved Relations with Regulators Employee Recruitment, Motivation and Retention

Why Do It? : 

8 Why Do It? Cost Savings and Operational Efficiencies Learning and Innovation Competitiveness and Market Positioning

How to Do It? : 

9 How to Do It? Key CSR Steps Commitment and Vision Planning Implementation Monitoring Reporting Continuous Improvement

Best Practice: Self Help Credit Union and Affiliates : 

10 Best Practice: Self Help Credit Union and Affiliates Niche, regional “bank” Affordable home ownership Community Facilities Fund Micro-loans Sustainable Development Lending Smart Growth Social Deposit Products Affiliates

Conclusion : 

11 Conclusion Global trend Business case Integration and strategy Risk and opportunity

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