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SIMPLE MACHINES Machines are tools that help us do our work. Machines make our jobs easier and faster. Simple machines are types of machines that do work with one movement. There are 5 types of simple machines:

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Any flat surface can be called a plane. An inclined plane can be defined as a tool that helps us move heavy objects from a high place to low place and low place to high place. Inclined planes also move things quickly. A ramp is an inclined plane.

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A wedge is an inclined plane which moves. Most wedges (but not all) are combinations of two inclined planes. A knife, axe, razor blade, and teeth are all good examples of wedges.

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SCREW A screw is a spiral plane. We use screws to fix Two objects together.

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LEVER With the help of a lever you can lift a heavy weight with much less effort. A lever consists of a bar, which balances on a fixed point. The point at which the bar is fixed is called the “Fulcrum”.

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PULLEY A pulley consists of a wheel with a groove around it. A rope can be passed through the groove. We use a pulley to lift or lower objects in a controlled way.

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WHEEL AND AXLE Wheels are circular discs. If a wheel has a bar in the center it is called an “axle”. A wheel and an axle together make a simple machine. Wheels and axles are used to carry heavy objects around easily, for long distances with very less effort.

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