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Space Solar Power Stations Group 1 5097 Hassan Ali Khan

Use of Space Solar Power Stations : 

Use of Space Solar Power Stations Space Based Solar Power is a system of collecting the solar power in the space to use it on the earth . The energy is stored on satellites or the orbits

Advantages : 

Advantages The biggest advantage is that there is no air in space so there is chance of collecting the immense sunlight . It is also cost effective in a scenario that there is no need to build large dams, oil storage tanks and coal dumps. Nuclear power is something countries don’t sell to each other but this power can be distributed to developing countries

Effectiveness of It : 

Effectiveness of It It can be used at any time compare to solar cells which only works at day time and in particular weather conditions . Satellite based panel can work 24 hrs a day whereas solar panels only work 12 hrs a day.

Dynamic Solar Thermal Power Stations : 

Dynamic Solar Thermal Power Stations There is a very big advantage that the solar energy stored in space can be converted to waves which would then be used in different things which use power. This phenomenon is related to the conversion of thermal energy to electrical energy.

Disadvantages : 

Disadvantages One of the biggest disadvantages of it is the cost of launching and the material which is used. It is important for this system to be efficient otherwise microwaves can harm the people. Fare Chance of damaging ozone layer in between the process.

As a Fiction : 

As a Fiction The idea of Space based stations transmitting solar power has appeared in different adventurous novels and science fiction movies . But who knows that a fiction can be a reality one day.

Effects On People : 

Effects On People This station can solve the problem of energy crises . Huge amount of energy gathered is provided to every person on earth . It will also solve green house effect and other gas emission problems . The energy collected is directly transported to earth by using wireless connections.

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Conclusion : 

Conclusion After knowing all this we can assume that this technology can become a reality after 20 to 30 years . The progress made by human beings in the field of technology is quite remarkable , turning this world into a global village but even after accomplishing so much there is a lot to be done and the thirst of knowledge will make dreams a reality . And this all will start from Japan who has already started working on this project to make this world a pinnacle of technology.

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