How to Work a Job Fair

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How to Work a Job Fair : 

How to Work a Job Fair

Working a Career Fair : 

Working a Career Fair What to do BEFORE the career fair What to do DURING the career fair What to do AFTER the career fair

Overview : 

Overview After viewing this presentation, you should have a great understanding of how to: Prepare for a career fair Engage a recruiter confidently Follow up Successfully set up an interview

Before the Career Fair : 

Before the Career Fair Gather information to explore different career fields Network to get contacts Identify employers with jobs in your field Determine your purpose for attending the job fair:

Before the Career Fair : 

Prepare and deliver your one-minute commercial Speak with specific employers Arrange interviews Before the Career Fair

Prepare for the fair : 

Prepare for the fair Identify positions of interest Update your resume and target your objective Identify employers to approach Do your research

Prepare for the fair : 

Prepare for the fair Write your one-minute commercial Practice your commercial Gather your materials Dress for success

Student Comments : 

Student Comments What did they learn? “It is intimidating at first, but I learned to overcome it.” “Networking is key at a career fair.” “Doing your research and knowing what you are looking for is very important before attending a job fair.” “A well-constructed resume is essential.”

During the Career Fair : 

During the Career Fair Arrive early, if possible Make a good first impression Non-verbal communication is important Deliver your one-minute commercial

Student Comments : 

Student Comments What did they learn? “Getting yourself out there is the first step to getting a job.” “If you just be yourself, you won’t be nervous.” “Being confident in your abilities impresses the employer.” “Don’t be afraid to sell yourself.”

After the Career Fair : 

Get organized Gather materials and contact information Follow up Send out a thank you letter/email After the Career Fair

Student Comments : 

Student Comments What did they learn? “There are many more jobs and opportunities out there in my career field.” “How to talk to professionals in my field and sell myself.” “It’s not just what you know; it’s about how well you can communicate with others, too.”

Employer Insight : 

Employer Insight What did the employers consider when selecting a student to interview? Strong communication skills, high level of professionalism and willingness to relocate. Academic success, work experience and demonstrated leadership skills. Outgoing personality, level of activities outside of the classroom and GPA. Confidence, knowledge of the company and its direction in the market. Interpersonal skills and past experiences that are applicable to the positions we are seeking to fill.

Employer Insight : 

Employer Insight What advice do recruiters have for students? Know before you come in the door what you are seeking and what you are willing to consider (internship, full/part time, local area/relocate). Research organizations and come prepared. Showcase your leadership and present a confident, outgoing personality. Take advantage of the many excellent opportunities and services to help you prepare (resume reviews, interviewing practice, career guides). Consider unpaid internships to gain experience. Remember that making a good first impression is extremely important.

Recap : 

Recap Rehearse your one-minute commercial Show you are an excellent candidate Assess your performance

BGSU Career Center : 

109 Saddlemire Student Services at Conklin North1001 E. Wooster StreetBowling Green, OH 43403-0150419-372-2356Monday-Friday8 am-5 pm Spring 2010 DROP-IN SERVICESResume, Cover Letter & Quick Career Questions109 Conklin NorthTuesday & Wednesday1:00 – 4:00 pm♦ 15 Minute Sessions♦ First-Come, First Served BGSU Career Center

References : 

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