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DELL PPT, i mean a complete introduction and details of DELL


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Dude You Are Getting A DELL DELL, Inc. - Dileep Chowdary Veldi


KEYPERSON AT DELL Michael S. Dell Founder of Dell Computer Youngest CEO in world Left college to focus on his Business in 1985 Now CEO and Chairman of DELL Pursuing his degree in medicine Have a hobby of building computers

Background and origins : 

Founded in 1984 with a capital of 1000 dollars. 1985 produced first computer of its own design. Changed its name to Dell computer corporation in 1988. In 1987 started the first international operations. In 1992, included in Forbes 500 list. Background and origins

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In 1996, Dell started selling through website. 1999, Dell overtook Compaq to become the largest seller of PC’s in US. In 2002, introduced Dell brand printers. In 2003, changed its named to Dell, Inc. In 2004, Michael Dell stepped down as CEO and Kevin Rollins was asked to take his seat. Dell appeared on 1st place of “the most admired companies” in Fortune 500’s list. In 2006, Dell Acquired Alienware. In 2007, Kevin Rollins resigned. Michael Dell became the CEO once again.

Dell at Fortune 500 : 

Dell at Fortune 500 Rank Revenues Profit Year ($ millions) ($ millions) 33 61,101.0 2,478.0 2009 34 61,133.0 2,947.0 2008 34 57,095.0 2,614.0 2007 25 55,908.0 3,572.0 2006

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Dell head quarters Round Rock, Texas


DELL BOARD OF DIRECTORS James W. Breyer   Finance William H. Gray, III   Governance and Nominating (Chair); Leadership Development and Compensation Judy C. Lewent   Finance (Chair), Audit

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4. Klaus S. Luft   Audit 5. Thomas W. Luce, III   Audit, Governance and Nominating Alex J. Mandl   Audit (Chair), Governance and Nominating

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Shantanu Narayen   The Leadership Development and Compensation Committee Samuel A. Nunn   Presiding Director, Finance, Leadership Development and Compensation Donald J. Carty   Non-Independent Director Michael S. Dell   Non-Independent Director


MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS Introduced fastest computer in 1986 Its has lowest price among all other Went to SPRING COMDEX’s 86 Expanding his business globally Open office in London in June 1987 Introduced in Li-ON battery in 1993 AMD mpu firstly used by DELL is launched in june 1994


MAJOR SETBACKS First setback experienced in year 1984 When huge stock of 256k memory chip become useless OLYMPIC series got huge failure Potentially affected batteries were sold with Laptops in 2006

Dell Products : 

Dell Products Laptops and Minis Desktop Computers Printers and Ink Televisions Software(Anti-Virus and security, Business and Office, Operating Systems, etc,) Allienware Gaming PC and Console Digital Cameras & CamCorder Desktop Accessories(Keyboard, speakers,headphones, headset, adapters e.t.c) GPS (vehicle, phone, outdoor) Handhelds & Phones Memory(Dell memory, memory sticks, memory upgrades) Laptop accessories(cases, mice, keyboards, adapters, batteries, etc;) Mp3 players Networking (adapters,routers,wireless/wifi, etc) Dell

Dell Services : 

Dell Services

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The new strategy For 2 decades, Dell was known as a company who manufactures and sells hardware. Took drastic measures to increase the profitability. Masterminded the change in entire product line-up. Simplify-IT. Streamlined how IT is acquired, maintained or scaled. Started CFI.

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