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by Kelly Wolfgang

Creating a Blog : 

Creating a Blog Work within your interests Choose something that you can be an expert at Appeal to a specific audience Have fun and be honest

Positioning Your Blog : 

Positioning Your Blog Identify what type of blog you wish to create Find a host that suits your needs and your style Tag your blog with care: choose words that will optimize your blog in other people’s search results

Naming Your Blog : 

Naming Your Blog Select something gripping and descriptive Keep your audience in mind Be picky

Selecting a Blog Host : 

Selecting a Blog Host Make sure your host meets all your needs Fellow bloggers should share your interests How popular is your host?

Search Engine Optimization : 

Search Engine Optimization Using your carefully selected keywords, enter your url to popular search engines so that your blog is at the top of the results page Popular websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are great starting places Optimize frequently so that your blog is not forgotten

Expanding Your Readership : 

Expanding Your Readership Use other social media networks like Facebook or Myspace to expand your readership

Building Credibility : 

Building Credibility Your readers must trust you as an expert of your blog An honest approach will build a confidence in your readers

Making a Profit : 

Making a Profit Adding banners, side bars, and in text links to your blog will allow advertisers to share space on your blog, making you money for every visitor that enters a sponsored websites

Maintaining a Relationship with your Blog and Readers : 

Maintaining a Relationship with your Blog and Readers By frequently updating your blog with interesting posts, readers will continue visiting Adding the ability for readers to comment allows for an interactive relationship with your readers that will make them feel like part of a community An involved blogger will inspire involved readers

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