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A Show OnMedieval Philosophy : 

A Show OnMedieval Philosophy Produced and narrated by Jimmy McNulty

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Medieval philosophy is vital to our current society and culture. Without it, our current society wouldn’t be the same. As you know, the Medieval times were the ages between the fall of the Great Roman Empire in the fifteenth century and the sixteenth century renaissance. This was nearly a century of time for people to create new religions, literary works, philosophical theories, and new ways of thinking.

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Today, most people would agree that there is some sort of higher power (agnostic); there are very few atheists. This mindset related directly to the philosophies and mindsets the scholars and philosophers of the Middle Ages established.

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Metaphysics is an old branch of philosophy that was thought up by the well-known Greek philosopher, Aristotle. Metaphysics examines what knowledge can be obtained about anything that exists just because of its existence and not because of any other special qualities it has. It also covers different kinds of causation (a philosophy based on cause and effect), forms and matter, the existence of mathematical objects, and some philosophies concerning God. Many Medieval Philosophers philosophized Metaphysics.

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It is thought that God knows future events. This was a big topic of discussion during the middle ages. If God knows what choices we will make, doesn’t that mean that every choice we make is preordained; thus, destroying our conception of free will? So if God exist, this also means that we have no free will. Without free will, are we no different from machines, doing exactly what their expected to do?

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Medieval philosophy didn’t establish something tangible, but our current mindset. It established our current way of thinking; therefore, creating our current society. So, in the big picture, Medieval Philosophy has influenced everything relating to our cultures and ideas.

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