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TechVenture Conference 2009 : 

TechVenture Conference 2009 Presenter Collaborative

Presenter Collaborative Process : 

Presenter Collaborative Process Collaborative Labs uses a highly customized and easy to use WebEx system powered by Cisco. Each presenter gives their full 4 minute presentation with Power point and Demos The “panel” provides constructive feedback to build-on the current presentation The process is collaborative and uses processes famous in Silicon Valley for rapid improvement

Technical Requirements : 

Technical Requirements 1. Webcam 2. Microphone 3. Power point or presentation materials And A good internet connection will help!

Presentation Framework : 

Presentation Framework 4 minutes in length Include Key Highlights for the INVESTOR audience. (Customer, Opportunity, Service, Team, Advantage, Results) Focus on Market Needs and Benefits of this solution to meet the needs Be specific in asking for what you need/want from the investors.

Presentation Tips : 

Presentation Tips Instead of the typical 10, 20, 30 widely overused in the VC world, we thought of a few more tips to help you make the best of your presentation using the 3 categories for evaluation during the collaborative: Content Skills Design

Presentation Tips: Content : 

Presentation Tips: Content The Hook: What will draw in the VC crowd and make us COMPELLED to listed to you? The Highlights: What are the key identifying features we MUST know to want and need to invest in your business? How big is your market and the benefit of your business? The Request: Be clear about what you are asking for in the pitch.

Presentation Tips: Skills : 

Presentation Tips: Skills Tell the story. 4 minutes is not a long time, but it will be time lost if all the audience receives is facts and data. Engage us in the story containing the content. Pause and Relate. If you are presenting a new a powerful slide let the audience adjust. Pause…connect with the slide, then turn and connect with the audience. Use your voice. Especially during the webinar, your voice is one of the few ways we can connect with you.

Teams : 

Teams Every presenter will give their 4 minute presentation in full to a mock “VC panel” comprised of other presenters. The “VC panel” will ask questions and provide feedback to assist each other in improving their presentation styles.

Presentation Tips: Design : 

Presentation Tips: Design Use a custom background. Choose your font wisely. Select clear, easy to read fonts that support the message. Be Visually Rich vs Overwhelming. Select and refine images that provide VISUAL PROOF for the story you are telling and the points you are making.

Presentation Feedback Focus : 

Presentation Feedback Focus Feedback builds on the strengths and includes ways to improve upon the following: Content/Clarity of Concept (clear hook and appropriate highlights) Presentation Skills (non-verbal cues, etc) Presentation Design (Flow, etc)

Collaborative Goals : 

Collaborative Goals Experience a dry-run of their presentation Peer to Peer feedback in real time Suggestions and tools for improving presentation

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