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Corporate Sustainability : 

Corporate Sustainability Non-Profit Business Model - Questions at the end. A Project of The Communities Collaborative Inc. and Shelly St. Cyr

What is it? : 

Environmentally conscious business practice. Socially conscious business practice. Triple bottom line Social and Environmental Corporate Impact Financial Reports What is it? Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Citizenship

Triple-Bottom Line : 

Triple-Bottom Line US-based Coalition for Environmental Responsible Economies (CEREs), and the United Nations Environmental Programe (UNEF). “The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has developed guidelines to enable corporations and NGO's alike to comparably report on the social impact of a business. “ 30% of Sustainability Reporting used G3 in 2006

Global Corporate Social Responsibility – Top 20 : 

Global Corporate Social Responsibility – Top 20 RCI – Responsible Competitiveness Rank 2007 index 108 countries 96% of global GDP geographical representation on all five continents

Slide 5: 

Measure your everyday CO2 use and find out how you can reduce it using our esurance Live Impact calculator. My ECP score is 233 and I contribute approx. 6 tons of Carbon a year to the atmosphere. Examples of CSR

Ecological Footprint : 

Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint Quiz : 

Ecological Footprint Quiz

Write this down… : 

Write this down…

Step 1: Social and Environmental : 

Step 1: Social and Environmental Audit What color is your trash? Are your light bulbs burning up? Do your employees volunteer? SHOW OF HANDS Who knows how to duplex print? Unplug It?

Step 2: Corporate Culture : 

Step 2: Corporate Culture Fun Sites for employees to try. Employee Volunteerism Programs Promote Green Business Practices Purchase recycled Reduce, Re-use, Recycle Inter-office challenges Use environmentally safe products

Step 3: SCI : 

Step 3: SCI Attract Social Change Investors (SCI) Foundations account for 13% of giving each year Concerned citizens are the largest charitable donators. Get your community involved! Host an event, promote employee volunteerism. Direct Mail Fundraiser/Newsletter Your Corporate Social Responsibility is Attractive. Publish a G3 Sustainability Report

Any Questions? : 

Any Questions?

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