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SyllabusSOW 5404.0M80 - Social Work Research : 

SyllabusSOW 5404.0M80 - Social Work Research

Introduction : 

Introduction Michael Campbell Clinical Practice 15 years of clinical work with children & families (outpatient, inpatient, residential, hospital and medical clinics) Research Interests Children’s Health (Obesity) Children’s Welfare

Course Objectives : 

Course Objectives Understand social work research as an integral part of evidenced-based social work practice. Explain the research function in micro, mezzo, and macro practice. Understand social work research as a scientific approach. Discuss the specific stages of the social work research process: (i.e., Formulation of practice questions and hypotheses, Sampling, Data Collection, Processing of data, Interpretation of statistical results and testing of hypotheses, and Report writing. Explore the social and economic justice implications of implementing and interpreting research. Utilize the research designs for social work practice. Understand the uses of a computerized statistical program (SPSS) for data analysis in social work research. Discuss beginning level strategies for qualitative data analysis. Conduct social research (quantitative/qualitative and descriptive/explanatory) related to community-based clinical practice. Understand, critically evaluate and make use of the research findings of others. Discuss the ethical and political issues, and sensitivity of studying the populations of diversity (women, racial and cultural minorities, gays and lesbians, handicapped, elderly, poor) incorporating the principles of the human subjects review process, and how it relates to social work research.

Evaluation of Learning and Grading : 

Evaluation of Learning and Grading

Modules : 

Modules You will find modules for each week of the class along with “Do This” instructions for assignments due. The first week we will be working on this module (1/11/10) and another content related module (1/14/10) so be on the look out. Please feel free to contact me with questions.

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