i want u in my heart episode 2

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I want u in my heart A Jemi Story : 

I want u in my heart A Jemi Story Episode 2

Starring………….. : 

Starring………….. Bff! Demi & Selena The Jonas Brothers! Miley Cyrus

Slide 3: 

Joe: *sits next to Demi* hi *nervous* Demi: Wat do u want?! Joe: I just wanted to say hi and that u look very beautiful today Demi:*blushes* -thinks; who knew he could be so sweet- Joe: ur blushing Demi: Shut up & leave me alone Joe: ok -thinks: I really love her- In class before it starts

The Jonas House : 

The Jonas House Joe: Im home Nick: Hey Joe! Are u ok? Joe: I guess *sad* -Kevin walks in- whats wrong dude? Joe: nothing im fine *goes to his room and daydreams of Demi*

Slide 5: 

-In Joe's Daydream-(note pics are a different color cuz they are his daydream)

End of Episode 2 : 

End of Episode 2 What Should Happen next? Its totally up to u! If I dont know what u want I will just keep going with whatever I want! Thanks for watching!

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