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Study in the USA : 

Study in the USA Are you Ready for College?

Recent Experiences : 

Recent Experiences Visits: Butte Community College California State College, Chico University of the Pacific in Stockton University of California-Davis

Undergraduate Admissions : 

Undergraduate Admissions U.S. Embassy, Accra Public Affairs Section Educational Advising Center Dr. Ben Fiebor

Steps to Doing Your College Application : 

Steps to Doing Your College Application

Applying for the F-1 Visa : 

Applying for the F-1 Visa

Questions to ask : 

Questions to ask Why the United States? Why these Schools? Or this particular School? What is it about this school? The curriculum, faculty, class size, location, learning Environment, etc, is the school the best fit for you? What about cost? Who is going to pay? How is the school going to help meet my ed. Needs?

Requirements for Admission : 

Requirements for Admission Successful completion of at least 12 years of academic secondary school Aggregate 20 or better on SSCE/WASSCE IB, IGCSE (O- & A-Levels) Meet entrance requirements for local universities Adequate Finances

U.S. Higher Education : 

U.S. Higher Education 4,800 accredited institutions of higher education 2,700 grant the Bachelor’s degree 18 million students enrolled Over 600,000 international students 2,895 from Ghana

U.S. Higher Education : 

U.S. Higher Education First/Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Degree: 4 years College and University: no difference Community College 2-yr (Vocational & Technical) Skills training Apply to the institution, not the degree program Declare your major after first year Freedom and responsibility Heavy reading and writing & Extensive independent work

Fields of Study : 

Fields of Study Over 900 fields of study and growing, design own program Business & related fields: AACSB accredits 570 institutions – www.aacsb.edu Engineering: ABET accredits 600 institutions – www.abet.org, www.asee.org (2800 progs) Computer Science: careful research into curriculum design and facilities Medicine: almost impossible for internationals Pharmacy: Pharm.D. at 116 institutions – www.aacp.org Architecture: B.Arch at 151 institutions – www.naab.org Law: graduate level only

Financing Your Education : 

Financing Your Education Comprehensive annual cost ranges from $12,500 to $54,000 82% of international undergraduates are financed by their families, from home 2,000 institutions award partial financial aid to internationals 1600 award aid averaging more than $10,000 Admission with aid is highly competitive

Financing Your Education: Options : 

Financing Your Education: Options Parents; other family members or sponsors Institutional financial aid (need or merit based, need-blind) On-campus work Outside scholarships: agencies, foundations, e.g. Ford Foundation, the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship Sports scholarships Religious organizations

Financing Your Education : 

Financing Your Education How much can your parents afford per annum, times four years? How much can you raise from other sources? Very few students can reduce their family’s costs to below $12,500 per year Careful finance planning before you start

Financing: Info Sources : 

Financing: Info Sources ISH: International Student Handbook Applying to Colleges & Universities in the United States ACUUS Council of International Schools Higher Education Directory The College Handbook The Fiske Guide to Colleges

Selection of Schools : 

Selection of Schools State your criteria, and then research to find the best schools for you Does the College offer what you want to study Cost and availability of financial aid Quality/competitiveness/Credibility Environment: size and location Housing facilities

Selection Criteria : 

Selection Criteria Special opportunities: sports, activities, internships, cross-registration, study abroad Religious affiliation Diversity Retention Graduation Rates

Research : 

Research Field of Study Indexes and Guides Finances: ISH and ACUUS Profiles: 4-Year Colleges, College Handbook Special groups: Fiske Guide to colleges, etc Catalogues and View-books Websites: www.EducationUSA.state.gov

Application Components : 

Application Components Application forms Application fee Transcripts and results slips or certificates Essay(s) Teachers’ recommendations

Application Components : 

Application Components Standardized test scores: SAT and TOEFL Extracurricular Activities Financial aid certification and application

Application Procedures : 

Application Procedures Obtain application forms from the Web or by e-mail On-line applications also possible Common Application: 250-260 schools – www.commonapp.org. Everything must be neat and typewritten! Complete a photocopy and then transfer information neatly to original form

TOEFL: English Proficiency : 

TOEFL: English Proficiency Test of English as a Foreign Language Some colleges will waive TOEFL for students who can demonstrate adequate proficiency by other means TOEFL iBT, Score scale: 0-120, each university sets minimum required score Register in Netherlands or thru test center at Total House; cost $160. ID: Passport only! Practice tests available at PAS

SAT I: Reasoning Test : 

SAT I: Reasoning Test Tests verbal and math reasoning skills Required by 1/3 of U.S. colleges Score scale: 200-800, Administered 6 times a year: Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., May, June in Accra and Kumasi, Test centers; GIS, LCS, WAEC Register 6 weeks before test date, by mail or thru test center at Total House. Call 021-666146 Cost: $71/$100 ID: Passport only! Resources are available at the EducationUSA library

SAT II Subject Test : 

SAT II Subject Test This is also administered six times a year: Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., May, and June. The test is used to determine the extent to which a student has grasped the concepts, principles, etc of a subject. The total cost depends on the number of subjects selected. Register ahead of time Passport is the only ID

Admission Decisions : 

Admission Decisions Transcripts-Academic Records Essays (Writing Skills) SAT Scores Profile of Mid 50% of Freshmen Teachers’ Recommendations Extracurricular Activities Leadership and Personal Qualities All that which makes you unique

Student Visas : 

Student Visas Bonafide Student Adequate financing Multiple Schools Taken Standardized Test(s) Intention to return home Key elements: total honesty, a sound plan, and the ability to discuss it

Advising Services : 

Advising Services Hours: Tues., Wed., Thurs. mornings 8-12 Research Library, Test Prep, Internet, Essay Writing Workshops, Pre-Departure Orientation, Student Visa Guidance, Individual Consultations with Professional Advisors Special Privileges for Members: extended hours, book borrowing, workshops Phone: 021- 741-116/ 741-531 fiebb2000@yahoo.com, affoteyb@state.gov

Kumasi Educational Advising Center : 

Kumasi Educational Advising Center ACE Consult, Top Martin’s Complex Near Asokwa Police Station TEL: Cell, 028-707 7609 Line, 051-91599 Hours: Mon, Tues & Thur 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM Introductory Group Session: Every Thursday at 11:00 AM

Important Websites : 

Important Websites EducationUSA: http://educationusa.state.gov Funding US Study: http://www.fundingusstudy.org The Collegeboard: http://www.collegeboard.com The Princeton Review: http://www.princetonreview.com http://www.edupass.org http://www.iefa.org

Questions ? : 

Questions ? Time for Questions GOOD LUCK!!!

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