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A Case Study on HP Laptops

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HP market share

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Our project about the HP Laptop market is to figure out the market size of the product, its segmentation, the price and the various distribution channels used. BRIEF

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INTRODUCTION The first commercially available portable computer was the Osborne 1 in 1981, which used the CP/M operating system. Although it was large and heavy compared to today's laptops, with a tiny 5" CRT monitor, it had a near-revolutionary impact on business, as professionals were able to take their computer and data with them for the first time.

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... Contd. Possibly the first commercial IBM-compatible laptop was the Kaypro 2000, introduced in 1985. Presently HP, IBM, Acer, SONY are the prominent market players in Indian scenario. In our present project we will talk about the performance of market player HEWLETT_PACKARD ( HP).


SPECIMEN LEOPARD LAPTOP HP Compaq Presario C702TU Laptop HP EliteBook 6930p Notebook

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Laptop sales recorded a year-on-year growth of 104 per cent in the northern states of the country, followed by southern states at 80 per cent.

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Product : Our brand HP is one of the prominent brands of not only India but throughout the world. Price : The price of the HP products range from around Rs.25,000 to as high as around Rs.3,00,000. Place : HP laptops are available through various sources. Apart from HP running its own showrooms, the HP is kept in stock by various private shop-owners too. THE 4 P'S

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Advertisement : TV Serials (Various Channels like Star Plus, Zee TV, etc.), Sports Channels, Brochures, etc. Billboards : Colourful and attractive hoardings in the targeted sectors. Magazines : India Today, Outlook, Filmfare, etc. Events : Street shows or other local events and functions. Sponsorship : Cricket matches, Educational fares, etc. Promotion Mix



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Demographic Since PC Notebooks are still commercially an urban tool, the target market for HP remains the Tier-I cities, precisely the bigger metros. Psychographic Apart from the corporate officials, the company is currently focusing on the huge chunk of young aspiring students, for whom the computer has become an object of daily utility. Segmentation

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Buying Patterns

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STRENGTHS High expertise in this segment. Trained and experienced leaders. Highly motivated employees. WEAKNESSES Other providers have a lower price range to offer. Relative experience in the global market is less than some of it’s competitors. SWOT Analysis

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OPPORTUNITIES Educated women. Emerging middle-class with high disposable income. THREATS Stabilised customers. New entrants.

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REVENUE (in millions)

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