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Exsisto-Praesto-Vigeo Emerge-Excel-Flourish Why Choose MATHS: The 5 Pillars of a MATHS Education

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Exsisto, Praesto, Vigeo Emerge, Excel, Flourish Why Choose MATHS: Introduction Thank you for your interest in our school. The slides in this presentation will give you an overview of what makes MATHS unique. The slides will emphasize the 5 pillars of MATHS: (i) intellectually rigorous (ii) personalized (iii) supportive (iv) college-prep, (v) science/technology focus. We truly believe that our school prepares students for successful entry into college and for the challenges they face as they mature into young adults. Our Vision is that a MATHS education will enable our students to not only establish themselves academically and professionally but also develop them into valuable contributors and leaders of their communities. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. We would love to hear from you. Ph. (410) 545-0955/0956 Email:

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Exsisto, Praesto, Vigeo Emerge, Excel, Flourish The Mission of the Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences (MATHS) is to provide an intellectually rigorous, personalized and supportive college- preparatory education for 7th-12th grade students of Baltimore City, with a focus on the biotechnology, health science and bioengineering fields. 1. Intellectually Rigorous 2. Personalized 3. Supportive 4. College-Prep 5. Science/Technology Focus The 5 Pillars

Pillar 1: Intellectually Rigorous : 

Exsisto-Praesto-Vigeo Emerge-Excel-Flourish We provide an intellectually rigorous, disciplined and challenging education for our students. Students are required to maintain a 70% average, have homework nightly, and are tested systematically (including cumulative final exams). We emphasize mastery beyond state-mandated tests. High Academic Standards Extended school day Interdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum Emphasis on higher order learning, application & problem-solving Project-based learning 12-elective mini-course program including debate, newspaper, martial arts, entrepreneurship, academic mastery, graphics & animation etc. Pillar 1: Intellectually Rigorous

Pillar 2: Personalized : 

Exsisto-Praesto-Vigeo Emerge-Excel-Flourish We ensure a small, safe and personalized learning environment: Low student:teacher ratios (less than 20:1) Emphasis on teacher:student relationships, and a culture of trust/caring Academic advisor for each student Family-oriented atmosphere (parent volunteers, home visits) Emphasis on personal and character development Pillar 2: Personalized

Pillar 3: Supportive : 

Exsisto-Praesto-Vigeo Emerge-Excel-Flourish We provide a supportive educational environment: Daily after-school tutoring Differentiated instruction to ensure mastery for all students Gender-specific advisory groups Mentoring programs for boys and girls Student support team for students below 70 average Social and developmental support Pillar 3: Supportive

Pillar 4: College-Prep : 

Exsisto-Praesto-Vigeo Emerge-Excel-Flourish Our program is designed to prepare students for successful entry into the nation’s best colleges and universities. We offer a well rounded, college-prep curriculum including AP classes, a full creative arts curriculum, technology and foreign language. SAT-prep classes, including Saturday sessions beginning in grade 9 Monthly college-visits Lectures from university professors, guest speakers Highly qualified faculty including degrees from Harvard, Hopkins, Penn State, U. of Maryland Research/internship opportunities Pillar 4: College-Prep

Pillar 5: Science/Technology Focus : 

Exsisto-Praesto-Vigeo Emerge-Excel-Flourish MATHS offers a specialized curriculum in three major/tracks in the 11th and 12 grades: Biotechnology – a Career & Tech. Education program Health Sciences Bioengineering Students perform research that culminates in a Senior Thesis project. An outline of our science program is shown in the next slide. Pillar 5: Science/Technology Focus

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General Chemistry + 9th Grade 10th Grade Health Sciences Track Anatomy & Physiology Medical Terminology/Technology Nutrition Public Health & Disease Bioengineering Track Principles of Engineering Digital Engineering Biotechnical Engineering Medical Instrumentation 11th Grade & 12 Grade Senior Practicum MATHS SCIENCE PROGRAM

MATHS Students Have What Colleges Look For : 

Exsisto-Praesto-Vigeo Emerge-Excel-Flourish SAT/ACT Scores- High standards and practice tests prepare you for success Class Rank/ GPA- Small graduating class size can lead to a higher class rank. Individualized support increases grades. Recommendations- You’re a person and not just a number! Administrators and teachers know the strengths of each student. Course Selection- Rigorous curriculum surpasses minimum graduation requirements and aligns with college requirements MATHS Students Have What Colleges Look For

Our Achievements in SY 2006-2007 : 

Exsisto-Praesto-Vigeo Emerge-Excel-Flourish 100% passing on Algebra HSAs (1 of only three city schools) Beat MD state average on English MSAs Several student awards including Carson Scholarship, Urban Technology Award, Top10 placement in Debate. . . Profiled by Johns Hopkins as one of 25 ways to improve urban Baltimore Grants from Abell Foundation, Lockhart-Vaughn Foundation 1st charter school with MSDE approved CTE program (biotechnology) Prestigious partnerships with Johns Hopkins, UMBC. Our Achievements in SY 2006-2007

Frequently Asked Questions : 

Exsisto-Praesto-Vigeo Emerge-Excel-Flourish What are the yearly tuition costs? As a public charter school, MATHS provides a tuition free education to all students that reside in Baltimore City.  Fees will be collected to subsidize fields trips and extracurricular activities.   What grades do you serve? We currently serve grades 8 and 9.  For the 2008 Academic Year, we will serve grades 7, 8, 9 & 10.   What are the criteria for admission? While we do not have strict entrance criteria, we require an interview with the student and parents/guardians prior to enrollment.  Students who are academically-motivated and determined to attend college will thrive in our disciplined environment.  Where are you located? We are located on the 4th & 5th floors of the Roland Patterson Building Complex (4701 Greenspring Ave).  We have access to a full auditorium, gymnasium, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, and three full sized fields. Do you have athletic and extracurricular programs? Yes, we have several sports teams including, soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse etc. Our teams play other City schools as well as charter and independent schools. Our 12-course elective programs allows students to participate in diverse extracurricular activities: Debate, Peer Mentoring, Yearbook, Newspaper, Cheerleading, Band, Theatre, Graphics & Animation, Advanced Art, Entrepreneurship, Ultimate Science Club, Martial Arts. Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure your spot at MATHS Visit the Admissions section at today.Questions, call (410) 545-0955 oremail: : 

Ensure your spot at MATHS Visit the Admissions section at today.Questions, call (410) 545-0955 oremail:

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