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Do’s and Don’ts of Copyrighting : 

Do’s and Don’ts of Copyrighting Name: Demarcus Palmer Ms. Moore Course: Journalism Date: 12/02/09 1st Period

Objectives : 

Objectives To teach about the Do’s of Copyrighting To teach about the Don’ts of Copyrighting Show examples of copyrighting

History of Copyrighting : 

History of Copyrighting Copyrighting history goes back to 1790. George Washington created the first U.S. Copyright Act and it was inacted by Congress. The statute gave authors of books, maps, and charts ownership of their work for up to 28 years. As years passed, Congress kept adding different things to copyrighting such as, new technologies like piano rolls and sound recordings, and musical pieces. Copyright protects the rights of owners Copyrighting does not protect ideas or information Copyrighting allows the owner to control how his work is used

Copyright Do’s and Don’ts : 

Copyright Do’s and Don’ts Do’s Don’ts

Questions & Example of Copyrighting : 

Questions & Example of Copyrighting Example of Copyrighting A school teacher copies a song from a MP3 to upload to the web so that students can listen to it. Even if the teacher were using the material for educational purposes, he/she is keeping the artist gaining income from the sale of the cd. Questions: Can teachers use copyrighted material in my class ? U.S. copyright law contains a provision that allows limited use of copyrighted works without the permission of the owner Is copyright infringement a criminal offence? No, it is usually not a criminal offence Does copyrighting protect songs? Yes, it protects songs The teacher is most likely violating copyright. Why?

Copyright Summary : 

Copyright Summary You must take copyrighting very seriously. It is like stealing if you purposely copyright materials and try to make a profit. You are depriving the owner to make a profit off of his or her own work. You must pay attention to the fine print on merchandise. There are some grey areas in copyrighting. The owner of a copyright is the creator in the first instance. If you are not concern, then you need to get assistance who knows and understand the copyright laws. Copyrighting is important. It protects, literary work, artistical work, dramatic and musical work.

Reference Site : 

Reference Site Dowd, Raymond J. (2006). Copyright Litigation Handbook (1st ed.) Thomason West. Retrieved 12/02/09. Patterson, Lyman Ray (1968). Copyright in historical Perspective. Vanderbilt University Press. Retrieved 12/02/09

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