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Green Technologies : 

Green Technologies By: Matthew Dugan

The Reality : 

The Reality Fossil Fuel production is projected to peak in the near future. Oil production will start declining in 2012 followed by natural gas between 2010 and 2020 and coal between 2020 and 2030. 86% of the world’s primary power comes from fossil fuels. <2% of the world’s primary power comes from renewable resources (geothermic, solar, wind, ect).

Why Green Technologies? : 

Why Green Technologies? Green technologies will help displace the declining amount of fossil fuels. Better for the environment. Sustainable in the long term. Produce new jobs.

What are Green Technologies? : 

What are Green Technologies? Green Technologies envelops all technologies that have been designed to help the environment and lessen our dependency on fossil fuels.

Other Examples : 

Other Examples

Others have to say. : 

Others have to say. Very Expensive Will not support the amount of energy we use today.

The Future of Green Technologies : 

The Future of Green Technologies Government’s starting renewable energy plans for their nations. Government’s starting environmental procedures to help the environment out. Human’s are becoming aware of the affects they take on this planet and acting. The Private Sector is investing in green technologies for good PR and to save money. The future of green technology is now!

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