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By: Muhanad Adas Found Poetry

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Helen Keller The letter written by Helen Keller will astound students with Helen’s ability to “see” the World’s Columbian Exposition, despite her visual limitations. The image of this event will help your students to “see” what Keller describes.

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Helen Keller’s Letter to Bell Family

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Walt Whitman

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Whitman’s Notebook Students can compare and contrast Walt Whitman’s first notebook (#80) with later notebooks (#94 and #101). Students may consider how Whitman’s writing and thinking changed in the years between the writing of these notebooks, and what might have caused these changes.

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In these typical writer's notebooks, Whitman jotted down thoughts in prose and expressions in poetry. The earliest examples include journalistic entries with ideas for articles he might write. Whitman Notes

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Alice Paul Alice Paul’s dedication to the cause of women’s suffrage is well documented in a newspaper article, while an essay provides an opposing viewpoint and opportunity to consider this cause from different perspectives.

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Alice Paul Talks Alice Paul works for Women’s Suffrage. Her dedication lead her towards success for Women’s Rights.

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Langston Hughes’ poem offers students a chance to view the process of his writing, not just the final product. Students can analyze Hughes’ edits, consider why these changes may have been made, and think about what the poem would have said without these changes. Langston Hughes

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Ballad of Booker T. Students may wish to find out more about the life of Booker T. Washington, as well.

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Zora Neale Hurston Zora Neale Hurston’s play settings and character lists are rich in descriptive language. Students may wish to read Hurston’s entire play after this introduction.

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