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Peace Patrol Training : 

Peace Patrol Training Advisor: Mrs. Hayashi Alvin Dunn Elementary

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Peace Patrol Statement of Purpose We believe that: *Through Peace Patrol, we help ourselves, our peers, our family and our community become effective problem solvers. *We learn positive life-long skills . *We do make a difference!

Solving Problems : 

Solving Problems

How Will You Solve That Problem? : 

How Will You Solve That Problem? Training Manual

Problem Solving Checklist : 

Problem Solving Checklist _1. Introduce yourself _2. Ask, “Do you want to solve the problem with us?” _3. Listen _4. Summarize _5. Give possible solutions (more than 1) _6. Ask disputants for alternate solutions _7. After agreement, congratulate them both for a peaceful resolution.

Conflict Resolution

What did you see? : 

What did you see? Think about Was the checklist effective? How did Active Listening skills help the students solve the problem? What alternative solutions did the students offer? Was this conflict solved successfully?

Peace Patrol Training : 

Peace Patrol Training In Review… Next Time… Peace begins with you! Understand what conflict management is. Use your checklist to help solve problems. Developing videos to teach students on campus about Peace Patrol Share out you experiences working on the playground

Thank You! : 

Thank You! See you next Tues. Room 40

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