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The Effect of Immigration Laws on Racism : 

By: Nihar Shah, Rebecca Weinstein, David tang, dennisshu, & William Qiao The Effect of Immigration Laws on Racism Music composed by: David Tang Titled: Sorrows, remnants of the past

Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 : 

Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 “Chinese laborers to this country endangers the good order of certain localities within the territory thereof” “That no Chinese person shall be permitted to enter the United States” “The ugly legislation was also the first ever passed by Congress targeting a group based on race.” Asian American Dreamsp. 28

Anti-Asian Sentiments : 

Anti-Asian Sentiments Wanted to mass export Chinese but cost too much Progression of anti-Asian laws that restricted their rights from 1882 until WWI Massacre at Rock Springs, Wyoming 1882 Tacoma, Seattle Riots 1885-86 Led to further racialization of Chinese immigrants

Lasting Impact on Exclusion Act : 

Lasting Impact on Exclusion Act Tracking system by which other immigrant groups were identified and regulated Passports and Visas Exclusion laws amended later for possession of certificates of residence and identity Green cards

California Land Laws : 

California Land Laws Origin: fear that Japanese will dominate Prohibited “aliens” ineligible for citizenship from owning land or property 1920 land law specifically prohibited Japanese from leasing land

Effects of the Land Laws : 

Effects of the Land Laws Other states followed suite The Japanese saw themselves as victims of injustice Japanese brought their cases to court All cases concluded with the racist defeat of the Japanese farmers “The extreme dejected spirit of the Japanese…cannot be concealed.”-RafuShimpou, Japanese Newspaper based in Los Angeles

Jones Act of 1917 : 

Jones Act of 1917 Intention: Extended U.S. citizenship to the people of Puerto Rico Actual Effect: since both PR and Philippines were territories, this act granted citizenship to those of one territory and not the other Filipinos had no benefits of citizenship, no protection from race-based labor exploitation

Magnuson Act of 1943 : 

Magnuson Act of 1943 Aka “Chinese Exclusion Repeal Act of 1943” Possible for Chinese to become citizens Established a quota of 105 immigrants per year “While the bill ended an injustice that had been committed sixty-one years earlier, the damage to the Chinese community had already been done… the worst effect was to undermine the one thing that was most precious to the Chinese, their families.” Roger Daniels, PhD

Immigration Act of 1965 : 

Immigration Act of 1965 Abolished quotas Annual limitation of 170,000 visas was established, far more than ever before Family reunification First time since Chinese Exclusion that Asians were allowed to immigrate in mass

Positive Impacts : 

Positive Impacts “The new immigrant groups brought unfamiliar levels of diversity to the Asian American sensibility Asian American Dreams, p. 201 Filipino Medical Doctors Indian professionals Mass immigration transformed American makeup Decline in overt racism

This Immigration Act led to a New Kind of Racism : 

This Immigration Act led to a New Kind of Racism Shift from explicit discrimination based on race to implicit discrimination based on immigration status Model Minority Income Disparity Media Studies Racism in Film: Kung Fu, The Hangover Racism in Musicals: Miss Siagon

Final Thoughts : 

Final Thoughts Patriot Act Florida Land Laws Immigration policy reform

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