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Final Project Alfredo torres 18807219 Seccion H411

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UNIT 7 ALFREDO We are witnessing a change in styles of music in our societyEvery day, more groups who call themselves pop-rock  and numbers of people moving all over the world Pop has always existed, but has evolved. Today we say that the pop merged with rock and the birth a new style music changes Final Project:

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UNIT 8 Alfredo a hero of the music is Juanes on to take the music to many parts of the world came to perform a concert for peace in Colombia and Cuba many people consider their hero my heroes are my parents heroes of music are very good people and workers

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Unit 10 your health to keep our body healthy we must eat healthy, exercise, avoid stress, not smokingnot drinking Unit 11 my talent is to prepare drinks with fruit. as cocktails and juices, in receipt with my family and friends

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Final Project: Blog experience I enjoyed this quarter to my blog. It's a fun way to learn for some things you want to say and then publish them for everyone to see what he's thinking at that time. I hope you enjoyed. Alfredo torres Unit 12 the movies in terms of my favorite movies are comedies and of action,movies are very good to be distracted and have a good time

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