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Course Objectives Identify the Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart To Recognize the Normal Sinus Rhythm of the heart. Recognize the most common rhythm disturbances To correctly identify as many rhythms as possible

Slide 3: Cardiac Conduction System

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Normal sinus Rhythm

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Second Degree Heart Block Mobitz 1

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Third Degree Heart Block

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Sinus Bradycardia

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Atria Flutter

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The following link will able to access the ECG simulator site. Students will have the opportunity to correctly identify as many rhythms as possible.

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Learning objectives ECG basics How to analyze a rhythm Heart Arrhythmias Activate the Simulator ECG on the link provided Correctly identify and measure the PR,QRS and QT intervals. Describe the difference between regular and irregular rhythms List the criteria for irregular rhythms

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Course objective The six second ECG simulator generates 22 of the most common cardiac rhythms. simply cho Students will chose settings on the six lead simulator link to change the time period. One minute is default or to choose either a dynamic moving ECG(default) or a stat a static ECG. For the dynamic ECG choosing freeze will stop the rhythm. To begin a new game click on reset.

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