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Presence Based Session Advertisements : 

Presence Based Session Advertisements IETF 76 Jon Peterson Cullen Jennings

Slide 2: 

Presence Server Jon Cullen Advertisement of capabilities Cullen’s Advertisement Proposal Session Connectivity Check

Advertisement : 

Advertisement The Advertisement is a document that describes current communication capabilities Supported CODECs and Payload Type to use IP / ports device is listening on Support for SRTP and keying information No exponential explosion of combination Either a device supports an approach or not

Proposal : 

Proposal XML document proposing all the parameters of the an communication session The src and dst ip/port of each session CODEC for each media type and payload types SSRC Proposal may be accepted or rejected by receiver Used to form RESTfull transfer from Jon to Cullen of session state between Jon and Cullen

Advantages : 

Advantages Allows policy on presence server Different uses can get a different Advertisement from Cullen Allows for faster simpler set up as much of work is done before user hits button to “call” another user Easily maps onto XMPP, SIP, and others and allows interoperability between them

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