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Continuing Medical Education I N INDIA part

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Continuing Medical Education, defined as “any and all the ways by which doctors learn after formal completion of their training” . Defining C.M.E

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A Physician should participate in professional meetings as part of Continuing Medical Education Programmes, for at least 30 hours every five years, organized by reputed professional academic bodies or any other authorized organizations Implementation is Long awaited !! Indian Medical Council (Professional conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002 (Regulation No.1.2.3)

to be made Compulsory… : 

to be made Compulsory… “…the renewal of registration should be linked with compulsory CME attendance with a minimum of 30 credit hours every five year...“ The General body of the Medical Council of India, at it meeting held on 27th February, 1997 Renewal of Degree >30 CME hours every 5 years

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States like Punjab and Kerala have taken the lead in Compulsory CME for Doctors in India But as W.H.O notes, not many Indian doctors are enthusiastic about the Idea.

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M.C.I Guidelines for CME in India Who Can Organize What are the requirements How can I get accredited for organizing CMEs Information for organizers of CMEs.

Who can conduct CME programmes and issue certificates of attendance ? : 

Who can conduct CME programmes and issue certificates of attendance ? All recognized Medical Colleges (with full fledged Medical Education Units who will organize CME programmes). Indian Medical Association or the State Chapters of the Indian Medical Association. National Academy of Medical Sciences. Specialists Associations ( only National level Associations or their State Chapters). All recognized Postgraduate Medical Institutions (Contd.- criterion)

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1. Organizational structure including the availability of resource personnel who will deliver lectures, demonstrations etc. 2. Location where CME programme will be conducted. 3. The category of doctors 4. The schedule and transcripts of each CME activity proposed to be conducted during 1 year ahead. 5. The fee to be charged from each participant (according to the no. of hours and according to the material to be collected and provided to the participants). 6. Arrangements for advance publicity

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7. Availability of educational material, handouts, audio-visual equipments, slides and transparencies. 8. The organization should have arrangement for conducting CME programme throughout the year 9. Accommodation for conducting the CME should be arranged by the organization to accommodate about 25 to 50 participants. In case of conferences or workshops arranged by Medical College, Post graduate medical Institutions and National level Bodies, accommodation should be commensurate with the no. of invitees. 10. The methodology of feed back evaluation programme 11. After every CME programme the accredited organization should submit a report to the State Medical Councils/Medical Council of India, indicating the number and category of participants and including a report of the evaluation of the impact of the CME participants.

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12. CME programme meant for graduate doctors should have a brief session on, national health programs on relevant subjects exposure to recent advances, changing modalities of treatment, adequate exposure of consumer protection and medical insurance Laws, record keeping and medical audit

Accreditation Authorities : 

Accreditation Authorities State level organizations State Medical Council Medical Colleges, Postgraduate Institutions, National level Organizations Medical Council of India

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Name of the Organization Complete address with Telephone No. Fax NO. E-mail This is certify that Dr. …………) Official Designation ………….) (Organization/Residential address), has attended the CME Programme conducted by this organization on …….(date/s ) on the subject of …….. for ………. Hours (Number of hours actual CME programme to be indicated). Signature of the competent official Name Proforma of certificate to be issued

Validity of accreditation : 

Validity of accreditation Accreditation shall be for a period of one year at a time subject to renewal for a further period or curtailing or canceling the accreditation for valid reasons

Credits : 

Credits Each CME programme of two days (5-6 hours daily) shall be eligible for a max. of four (4) credit hours. If it is only for one day of 5-6 hours, the credit hours shall be two (2).

Credits : 

Credits In case of distance education or CME certificate course of one year, the credit hours may be twenty (20) and in case of six months courses the credit hour may be ten (10).

Details can be accessed here- : 

Details can be accessed here- Request to hold CME Guidelines List of Online CME courses Medical CMEs in India Request to hold CME Guidelines List of Online CME courses Medical CMEs in India

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