Role of radio communication

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Role of radio communication : 

Role of radio communication Submitted to: Madam Rachna Prateek Submitted by: Smriti kiran (MBA/4511/09) Alpa chandrakar-mba 4553/09 Anupam kumari-mba 4542/09

Role Of Radio-Tool for Advertising & Communication : 

Role Of Radio-Tool for Advertising & Communication Gone are the days when the Indian Radio Industry was limited to the state broadcaster - All India Radio. Today, Radio has truly matured as a medium of communication and is growing in every way possible. Improvements in technology, competition and an increased reach of the Radio are all factors responsible for the growth of the Radio Industry.With an increase in the number of FM Radio stations, the choice in music is large and varied. Flipping from one station to another in search for that latest song has become second nature to all of us!

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