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OutboundIETF-63 : 

OutboundIETF-63 Cullen Jennings

Topologies : 


Clarified Terminology : 

Clarified Terminology Flow UDP (source ip, port, destination ip, port ) TCP Connection Instance-ID Unique identifier UA puts in SIP signaling Each UA has different one Stable over reboots Flow-ID Identifier UA sets for each flow 1 from first flow from this UA, 2 for second, ...

Other Changes – Back off : 

Other Changes – Back off Still have exponential back off for retires but modified description Issues: default max retry time is 30 minutes, is this too low?

STUN over TCP : 

STUN over TCP Draft currently says CRLF This will not work Problem: When TCP fails, take many minutes before the OS reports error to application Propose: Handle TCP in same way as UDP (Use STUN inside TCP)

Keep Alive Times : 

Keep Alive Times What value? 30 seconds? 10 minutes? Same if one connection or two? Clearly want to have configurable but what should be the recommended default ? NATs have different time out lengths for UDP and TCP Need to work to define STUN in TCP

Flow Quotas : 

Flow Quotas If a UA forms more flows that a Register wishes to accept, the Registrar will reject the n-th one Question: What status code? Make clear proxy might only support 1 but SHOULD do more Make clear UA might only support 1 but SHOULD do more

Transport Integrity : 

Transport Integrity Does this need to work when there is not transport integrity between edge proxy and registrar? Assume answer is yes This will require integrity protection on cookie

Clarify : 

Clarify Works with proxies that don’t do stun Works with UAs that don’t do any of this Does not require MUST level support for multiple flow Want to add Informational reference to draft on route construction provides advice on 305 processing

GRUU/Outbound Route : 

GRUU/Outbound Route Both drafts need to favor flow formed in most recent set of registration for that instance Can choose whichever flow is convenient

Many typos : 

Many typos Need to fix Typos, clarity of writing Consistency with GRUU Better introduction Some mistakes in sections

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