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Cannibal Killer


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The Cannibal Killer

History of Jeffrey : 

Through the book that Jeff’s father wrote it would seem that he had a pretty average childhood. He was born on May 21, 1960. At the age of four he started to have a fascination with death. As a first grader he did not have a lot of confidence. As a teenager he drank a lot and received only average grades. In 1978 he attended Ohio State University and flunked out after one semester. In 1979 his father made him join the army where he was discharged for his constant drinking. After this he moved in with his grandmother. History of Jeffrey

History Cont’d… : 

He killed his first victim in 1978, the man’s name was Steven Hicks Steven was a hitchhiker and was killed by Jeff with a barbell. In 1987 Jeff was facing charges of child molestation when he drugged a teenage boy. He was also arrested multiple times for drunk and disorderly conduct. On May 14, 1990 he moved in to an apartment. This was when he began killing 12 men over a 15 month period. History Cont’d…

What did he do? : 

He would look around gay bars and invite people to go back to his place. Then he would drug their drinks and strangle them. Then he would dismember the bodies and keep certain parts as trophies. He would take photos of the process for later enjoyment. He would use some acid to decompose the bodies. What did he do?

Caught : 

Two officers where patrolling Jeff’s neighborhood and found a black man running around with a handcuff on his wrist. The man said that there was this “weird dude” that had threatened him with a knife. Jeff told the officers very calmly that he had just lost his job and was drunk so he was frustrated. He offered to get the keys to the handcuffs that where in the bedroom. When they got in to the bedroom an officer found pictures of dismembered bodies. Caught

Caught Cont’d… : 

The other officer found skulls and pieces of human flesh in the refrigerator. When they tackled him to the ground he threatened to cut them and eat their hearts. Caught Cont’d…

Why? : 

He could have been angry with his sexuality because his father was a religious person. He could have loved the control that he had over people, that he was king of his insane world. He also said that he liked to eat people because they gave him strength as if he was eating their souls. Why?

Main People In the Trial : 

The Judge – Laurence C. Gram The District Attorney – Michael McCann The Defense Lawyer – Gerald Boyle The Defendant – Jeffrey Dahmer Main People In the Trial

The Trial : 

There was a lot of security that included dogs sniffing for explosives, everyone who went to the trial had to pass through a metal detector, and there was a large bullet resistant glass wall between the spectators and the courtroom. Jeff ignored his lawyers advice of pleaing not guilty and tried to go for the insanity defense. Is he sick or evil? The Trial

The Trial Cont’d… : 

The jury was told before the trial “you're going to hear about sexual conduct before death, during death, and after death. Will you be so disgusted by that you won't be able to listen?" When the judge read to the court the article that read “Milwaukee Cannibal Killer Eats His Cellmate” everyone laughed The defense called 45 witnesses to tell the court about Jeff’s odd behavior. The prosecutor tried to prove that Jeff knew what he did and was in complete control of his actions. The Trial Cont’d…

The Verdict : 

The jury deliberated for 5 hours and was given on July 13, 1992. They jury found him guilty on all 15 counts of murder and sentenced him to 957 years. This was 15 consecutive life sentences because the state of Ohio did not have the death sentence. The Verdict

After the trial : 

Jeff adjusted to prison life very well. A Cuban man attacked him on July 3rd, 1994 during a church service. Being the persuasive man that he was, he was able to convince the guards to let him eat in the area that other inmates ate at, and to allow him to have more contact with other inmates. He later on got a job as a janitor, he worked one day with a black man named Christopher Scarver. Chris bashed Jeff’s head in with a lead pipe and was declared dead on November 28, 1994 at 9:11 A.M. After the trial

What if…? : 

If the trial was held today, I do not think there would be many differences, unless the state that the trial would take place had the death penalty. With Forensic science I think that the murders may have been found earlier. There would also be less homosexual discrimination. What if…?

Questions : 

Jeff pleaded not guilty T/F He kept some of his victims skulls as trophies T/F How many life sentences did he receive? A)10 B)15 C)20 D)25 Why did he not have the death penalty? Do you think he is sane or insane? Questions

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