Shoplifting Seminar 2010

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Shoplifting Seminar : 

1 Shoplifting Seminar Citizen Service Unit Walton County Sheriff Office

Topics : 

2 Topics Community Policing (Citizens Service Unit) What is shoplifting ? Watch videos Shoplifting Techniques Employee Theft Q & A

Community Policing : 

3 Community Policing Proactive Approach to deter crime Community Awareness of Crime Problem Solving Community Partnerships

Walton County Crime Statistics : 

4 Walton County Crime Statistics Shoplifting Cases : 44 Commercial and Residencies Burglars : 354 Thefts (Larcenies) : 664 *These are 2009 Crime Statistics

Florida Statutes : 

5 Florida Statutes Retail Theft (F.S. 812.015 ) Means the taking possession of or carrying away of merchandise, property ,or the altering or removing a label, universal product code, or price tag. Or transferring merchandise from one container to another, with the intent to deprive the merchant of possession, use benefit, or full retail value.

What is Reasonable Detention of a Suspect by a Merchant ? : 

6 What is Reasonable Detention of a Suspect by a Merchant ? Florida Statutes : 812.015 (3a) The statutes states: A merchant who has probable cause to believe that a retail theft has been committed by a person and in the case of retail theft, that the property can be recovered by taking the offender into custody may, for the purpose of attempting to effect such recovery or for prosecution, take the offender into custody

Florida Statutes Cont: : 

7 Florida Statutes Cont: And detain the offender in a reasonable manner and for a reasonable length of time. In the event the merchant, merchant's employee takes the person into custody, a law enforcement officer shall be call to the scene immediately after the person has been taken into custody.

antishoplifting or inventory control devices : 

8 antishoplifting or inventory control devices F.S.812.015 (3b) The activation of an antishoplifting or inventory control as a result of a person exiting an establishment or a protected area within the establishment shall constitute reasonable cause for the detention of said person exiting the area. Provided that sufficient notice has been posted to advise the patrons that such device is being utilized.

In Other Words : : 

9 In Other Words : The detention if done in compliance with all the requirements of this statutes, shall NOT render such merchant, merchant employee ,criminally or civilly liable for false arrest, false imprisonment ,or unlawful detention. *Know your store policy!

Use of a fraudulently obtained or false receipt (F.S.812.017 ) : 

10 Use of a fraudulently obtained or false receipt (F.S.812.017 ) Any person who request a refund of merchandise, money, or any other thing of value through the use of a fraudulently obtained receipt or false receipt, they had committed a second degree misdemeanor. When a person obtain or received the merchandise, or money using a false receipt they had committed a first degree misdemeanor. This means the person can be arrested !

Obtain Description of Suspect : 

11 Obtain Description of Suspect

Shoplifting Techniques : 

12 Shoplifting Techniques Slight of Hand Tricks Moving items to hidden location Distraction/Team Play Grab and Go ! Open Bag/Purse drop Baby Stroller Baggy Clothes

Solution: : 

13 Solution: BE AWARE ! Reduce Hidden area with mirrors ,cameras, etc: Cashier Positioning If possible : 2 or more employees on duty Merchandise Positioning

Employee Theft : 

14 Employee Theft Employee theft accounts for 80% of total loss from business Cash Targets Items Targets Some employees feel : “I deserve this , they don’t pay enough ! “

Solutions : Employee Theft : 

15 Solutions : Employee Theft Prevention is mainly a matter of hiring and management practices : Hiring Practices : Do not hire a dishonest employee Require a COMPLETE application Verify employment record and references (Ask for independent references) Check criminal and credit histories If you cannot verify all the information presented, DO NOT HIRE

More Solutions :Employee Theft : 

16 More Solutions :Employee Theft Management Practices : - Set clear policies and guidelines for all employees: It should contain security procedures,accountability,and assigned duties Limit access to critical areas as much as possible – Track keys , knowledge of lock combination, establish standard procedure for making deposits. If a crime does occur, do not discount current or ex-employees as a suspects. No Matter what, PROSECUTE



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