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Let Me See! : 

Let Me See! By: Joseph Cosby Western Kentucky University

Let Me See! : 

Let Me See! The brain is a complex machine it is able to receive, decipher and react in the matter of millionths of a second. Each individual accomplishes this task in different ways. The way individuals learn is called Learning stlye.

What is learning Styles? : 

What is learning Styles? Learning style is the way an individual learn. There are three types of learning styles; Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Visual. This purpose of this presentation to inform the reader on the learning Style of Visual learning.

Three Learning styles : 

Three Learning styles Auditory Students will learn best by hearing the information presented to them, They will often read out load Kinesthetic The students will learn best by applying the information to hands-on practice. Visual Student must see and visualize the information given to them.

Learning Style Inventory : 

Learning Style Inventory To determine which learning style best fits you. Visit the website list below to take a learning style inventory. http://www.personal.psu.edu/bxb11/LSI/LSI.htm

Visual Learning Style : 

Visual Learning Style Visual learners are those who learn Through Seeing things.

Are you a Visual Learner? : 

Are you a Visual Learner? Do you remember what the see? Do you think in pictures of in words? Do you usually have to make lists for everything you do? Are you an avid reader? If you answer yes to each of these questions The you maybe a Visual Learner!

Visual LearningCharacteristics : 

Visual LearningCharacteristics Are usually good spellers. Remembers faces but forgets names. Needs a quiet place to study. Has to turn lectures into pictures and charts to be able to understand. Likes to use graphs and charts to learn Likes colors & fashion. Dreams in color.

Learning Suggestions for Visual Learners : 

Learning Suggestions for Visual Learners Make outlines of everything. Copy what’s on the board. Ask the teacher to diagram. Write Complete sentences. Take detail notes. Make lists. Use Videos to help enhance lectures. Use flashcards. Use highlighters, Color code words

Visual Learner strategies to be a successful college student! : 

Visual Learner strategies to be a successful college student! Watch for key words written on lecture materials to help organize notes. Sit in the front of the room Sit were you can see and hear the instructor. Listen and write down what you hear.

Visual Learner strategies to be a successful college studentContinue; : 

Visual Learner strategies to be a successful college studentContinue; Ask the instructor For visual information such as; course web site, lecture outline Make an outline of key topics in chart format. Use flash cards to help rehearse Translate text into charts, graphs, or pictures.

Testing for Visual learners : 

Testing for Visual learners BEST STYLE OF TEST Diagramming, Reading maps, Essays (if you use an outline), Showing a process WORST TYPE OF TEST Listen and respond tests

Cite: : 

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