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Heroes : 

Heroes Sanchez, Andy Section M411 Teacher: Doris Molero

Hero of the past : 

Hero of the past He was born in United States, he development the movement by rights civil in United States of African Americans and also participates in protest against the war of Vietnam.

Hero of the present : 

Hero of the present He was born in Colombia, he is a great men because whit your music wants that political think about the damage causes in your people and also wants the people are free.

Hero personal : 

Hero personal He is a psychiatrist, he is a good men, he hepl to the people whit serious problems, he wants hepl to many people, he likes spend time whit the family and be happy. My Dad

Hero of movie : 

Hero of movie He is a men than since always help to your country and your king, for injustice the sentenced and he was a slave, but he wanted back to your town whit your family is confrontedmany obstacles but died as a hero.

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