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Use Technology toMotivate Distance Learning Students : 

Use Technology toMotivate Distance Learning Students

Susan CoopermanMontgomery CollegeMaryland : 

Susan CoopermanMontgomery CollegeMaryland

Describe Your Students : 

Describe Your Students Smart? Technology savvy? Lazy? Interested?

Today’s Students : 

Today’s Students Technology oriented They grew up with Internet DVDs MP3s IPods High energy Tech savvy

Students : 

Students Grew up with a mouse Familiar with blogs

Slide 6: 

Students need to be stimulated

Slide 7: 

Students will be not be interested Students will not be motivated If Your Class is Boring

Are You Ready to Motivate Your Students? : 

Are You Ready to Motivate Your Students? Does he look like one of your typical students?

Slide 9: 

I asked my students what motivates them The response I heard over and over again was The Professor

Student Comment Last Day of Class : 

Student Comment Last Day of Class He told me that my enthusiasm and desire to help was truly evident He said my interest motivated him He said he was unhappy in another class The professor was abrupt The professor did not appear interested in students

What motivates? : 

What motivates? Make the student feel important Show interest in the student Let the student know you are ready to help Let the student know that you really care

Slide 12: 

Put yourself in your student’s shoes!

Smile : 

Smile Put a smile on your face Add a pleasant comment to email Respond to a telephone call with a smile in your voice

Slide 14: 

What does it cost you to be pleasant???

Slide 15: 

What does it cost you to put a smile in your email or voice mail message???

Slide 16: 

What are the rewards???

Slide 17: 

Be Available

Motivational Ideas : 

Motivational Ideas Email Telephone Text messaging Photos Cards Awards

Slide 19: 


Slide 20: 

Let students know that they are not alone in the distance learning course

Slide 21: 

Let them know that you are eager and willing to help!

Slide 22: 

Use private email not discussion boards

Telephone Welcome : 

Telephone Welcome Welcome to class Call each student Leave message if not home Be enthusiastic Make the course sound exciting

Email Welcome : 

Email Welcome First day of class Send a welcome email to all students Second week of class Send a “how are you doing” email

Sociable Approach : 

Sociable Approach Open or close all emails with a friendly comment How are you today? Have a good weekend! Enjoy today’s pretty weather! Be Friendly

Do Not Wait for Student Questions : 

Do Not Wait for Student Questions Send email Do you have a question? Do you understand?

Responding : 

Responding Students want and expect immediate feedback Respond to emails frequently Even on weekends and at night Quickly grade assignments Grade within two days

Send Good News Email or Text Messages : 

Send Good News Email or Text Messages Congratulations on your test grade Congratulations on your project grade Good luck on the test Have a great weekend Enjoy the holiday

Send Email Reminders : 

Send Email Reminders Test dates Project due dates

Contest : 

Contest Student of the Week Contest Winner announced on class Web site

Communications : 

Communications Online chats Act like you care Be friendly Ask about what student did over the weekend Ask what other classes they are taking Ask what is student’s major

Birthday : 

Birthday Send free electronic birthday cards Ask student for birthday information For privacy reasons, ask for only birth month

TGIF Award : 

TGIF Award Candy gram Includes picture of candy

Star of the Day or Week Award : 

Star of the Day or Week Award Notify the student by Email Greeting card Telephone Text message Put on Web Site

Award : 

Award Contest—Answer a question Encourages students to read emails Encourages active learning Student who responds first with correct answer receives five extra points

Contest : 

Contest Design a class logo Share the winning logo with the class Put on web site

Send Cards : 

Send Cards Have a happy day Have a fun weekend Happy holiday Halloween Thanksgiving Valentine’s Day Best Wishes

Cards : 

Cards Create in Microsoft Publisher Greeting card creation packages Word Email it Create a variety of cards and have them ready to use

Contest : 

Contest Hint contest Weekly Put the winning hint on the Web site Improves student learning

Individualize the Class : 

Individualize the Class Progress at your own pace Allows student to move quickly Finish class early

Partners : 

Partners Online “Help Buddy” Online partner projects Online team projects

Online Photo Album : 

Online Photo Album Have students send you pictures Have students write comments about the class Have students sign release prior to posting picture or comment Permission Signature Date

Link to Community Projects : 

Link to Community Projects Museums Business leaders Companies

Smithsonian Fellowship : 

Smithsonian Fellowship One-year experience Learn about how and why exhibits are created Meet with curators Explore the museums

Smithsonian and Students : 

Smithsonian and Students Encourage students to explore their community Exposure to exhibits Exposure to new ideas Exposure to new cultures

Slide 46: 

What is the Benefit to Your Students?

Slide 47: 

Better Grades? I got an A

Podcasts : 

Podcasts Attract the attention of students Create a connection between the instructor and the student

Student Podcasts : 

Student Podcasts Current students make Podcasts for future students Introduction to class How they solved difficult assignments or problems

Podcast : 

Podcast Instructions

End of Semester : 

End of Semester Send a goodbye email Enjoyed having you in class Keep in touch with me

What Happens at the End of the Semester??? : 

What Happens at the End of the Semester??? Encourage students to keep in touch with you by email Encourage students to send emails about their accomplishments Post comments on web site

What Motivates Your Students? : 

What Motivates Your Students? Share your ideas What works for you

Slide 54: 

How can you motivate your students? Ideas??? :

Slide 56: 

Use Technology Keep Students Interested

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