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Excellence in Corporate Culture : 

Excellence in Corporate Culture A lecture by – Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD Head – All World Gayatri Pariwar, Shantikunj Chancellor – Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, Uttaranchal Himalayas

40 Years of World Economy : 

40 Years of World Economy Global economic output is now roughly five times what it was when the global commitment to development was launched.

Current Indian Economic Scenario … : 

Current Indian Economic Scenario … Annual growth rate of GDP nearly doubled from 4.5 % to 8.4% in the past few years. By 2020 the size of Indian economy will be equal to that of Chinese Economy. Will be one of the top 5 economies of the world.

Advantage India … : 

Advantage India … A young nation with a lot of potential: Solid technical and scientific background. Rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Indian Diaspora all over the world.

We need to ponder… : 

We need to ponder… Spirituality in corporate culture has not occupied a prominent place in the development agenda of recent decades.

Economy on progressive path : 

Economy on progressive path Now we are entering new phase of Economy that is Knowledge Economy Recognizes that knowledge is more important than ever before as an input “sidelining both capital and labor”.

Profiting from Knowledge … : 

Profiting from Knowledge … K-Commerce (Knowledge Commerce) is the trading of knowledge in a variety of forms using electronic networks. Knowledge Management and Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)

Corporate Challenges … : 

Corporate Challenges … Value based issues : Honesty, Respect, Belonging Ethical issues : Tax evasion Wrong Accounting Negligence of Eco-system

Challenges Ahead … : 

Challenges Ahead … Human Resource Exploitation Call centers, BPO, MNCs Burning out of executive (5 days a week X 24 hrs a day v/s 6 days a week X 9 hrs a day)

Challenges Ahead … : 

Challenges Ahead … Executive is caught in two extremes of … Optimizing Profit & Declining Inner Resources

Challenges ahead … : 

Challenges ahead … With globalization the evils of other civilizations are haunting us specially in corporate world . With constraint on Time, relaxation being sought through petty means.

The End Result is … : 

The End Result is … Stress, Anxiety, Lifestyle disorders and.. more importantly Moral degeneration, Disharmony in family and Depression.

Pathway to success … : 

Pathway to success … Can spirituality and ethics integrated in business bring cutting edge? Is it possible to maximize ethics and profits together in business by adopting spirituality? How to eliminate stress associated with the modern lifestyle and promote well being at physical, mental and spiritual levels?

Spirituality v/s Materialism… : 

Spirituality v/s Materialism… Materialism - Driving forces are : Greed Attachment & Egoism Spirituality - leads to : Inner peace Self-satisfaction Eternal bliss & immense wealth ….(Dravinam).

Spirituality … : 

Spirituality … Spiritual principles are universal and pertain to pure consciousness and harnessing of inner potential. In fact spirituality forms the core of all religions.

Spirituality in corporate world… : 

Spirituality in corporate world… Offers us a methodology to deepen our awareness of our inner being ……& from this develop or change the self in ways that are conducive to the kind of Corporate Culture we want.

Corporate Culture : 

Corporate Culture “The Act of developing intellectual and moral faculties and putting them into practice.” It is created unconsciously.

Corporate Excellence… : 

Revolution in corporate leaders' personality leads to changes in organization’s culture. 12 qualities need to be developed for spiritual lifestyle helpful in corporate management. Corporate Excellence…

Spiritual Traits for excellence in Corporate world … : 

Spiritual Traits for excellence in Corporate world … Self Awareness – realization of self-potential. Man has immense capability. Spontaneity – quick reflexes, no delay. Be alert and decisive. Being vision and value based – visionary attitude towards future of organization with pinpointed aims and objectives.

Spiritual Traits for excellence in Corporate world … : 

Holism – All views comprehended as interconnected. Holistic thinking. Compassion – Sympathy, Empathy and concern for others. Necessary for Team building. Celebration for diversity – Search unity in Diversity. Accept and embrace others too. Spiritual Traits for excellence in Corporate world …

Slide 21: 

Field Independence – Have your own say. Don't follow the crowd or majority. Tendency to ask fundamentals-why? – Constant reasoning, rational thinking. Can we do something new and how. Ability to refrain- Learning the ability to stop yourself from doing something traditional. Spiritual Traits for excellence in Corporate world …

Slide 22: 

Positive views of adversity- Make adversities your source of power. Yogi’s outlook. Humility – Develop basics for self- criticism. Be modest and humble. Sense of vocation – selfless service to society at large, besides your system. Spiritual Traits for excellence in Corporate world …

Spiritual outlook in corporate world : 

Spiritual outlook in corporate world Spiritual attitude is the most effective preventive and remedial measure against all kinds of problems and stresses in work… Let us contemplate on this issue

Few questions from corporate world..? : 

Few questions from corporate world..? Does your work place have high work stress & low job satisfaction…. Do you have back stabbing or verbal abuse Spirituality might help you…

Corporate world . . . : 

Corporate world . . . Stress in work place reduces production, increases management pressure. Work place stress affects the work performance, memory, concentration and learning. 20 million work days are lost every year in India.

Slide 26: 

How does stress originate …

Slide 27: 

Types of Stresses … Stresses can be: Short Term – Acute Long Term - Chronic

Slide 28: 

Burn Out Stress Syndrome (BOSS) FIVE STAGES OF BOSS 1. Honeymoon 2. Fuel Shortage 3. Chronic Symptoms 4. Crisis 5. Losing the Marathon A Debilitating Psychological Condition Brought About By Unrelieved Work Stress

Slide 29: 

Rust Out Stress Syndrome (ROSS) Just reverse to BOSS HOW TO GET RID FROM ROSS 1. Stay Alert 2. Take Risk 3. Avoid Isolation 4. Stretch for Success 5. Overcome obsolance Person has Stress under load

Slide 30: 

Stress Signals Early Symptoms Nervous Reflexes Illnesses Stomach upsets Biting nails Asthma Headaches Clenching fist Migraine Rashes Grinding teeth Digestive disorders Back pain Picking at skin Skin disorders Insomnia Hunching shoulders Sexual disorders

Slide 31: 

Signals of Stress Biting Nails, Clenching Fists, Clenching Jaws Drumming Fingers Grinding Teeth Hunching Shoulders Picking At Facial Skin Tapping Feet Two Jobs At A Time Touching Hair Often Too Hurried Or Loud Talking Too Conscious About Being On Time

Slide 32: 

Signals of Stress MOOD SIGNALS • Anxiety • Depression • Frustration • Habitual Anger or Hostility • Helplessness • Hopelessness • Irritability • Restlessness

Slide 33: 

Stress Proofing Lifestyle You must learn … The Art of Living • The art of Being • The art of Relating • The art of Thinking • The art of Becoming • The art of Organizing

Tools and techniques to awaken inner strength : 

Tools and techniques to awaken inner strength Auto Suggestion Power of Syllables – Gayatri Mantra Pranayam Meditation Regular Yogic Practices Self Introspective Literature

Slide 35: 

Meditation • A cleanser of our mental garbage. • Our day to day necessity It gives relief from mental constipation Implies giving a bath to your personality of noble and ideal thoughts.

Outcomes : 

Outcomes Self discipline and self motivation become the key force in life Better Scheduling and Organizing of oneself Enhanced Managerial Capabilities

The Achievements … : 

The Achievements … Cognition : co-relation, holistic approach Behavioral Skill: sharp intellect Developed Emotions: Refined personality

Motivational leaders… : 

Motivational leaders… Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Bapu) Jamnalal Bajaj Dhirubhai Ambani Bill Gates

Practical Spirituality … : 

Practical Spirituality … For any corporate person, spirituality should be an essential part of day to day life. Lack of spirituality leads to many problems: Agyan (Ignorance), Ashakti (lack of vitality), Abhav (lack of resources) THREE MAJOR CAUSES of MISERIES

Corporate Excellence & Spirituality … : 

Elevation of level of consciousness leads to elimination of Agyan (Ignorance). Health will be always homeostatic besides family life. Spiritual life style starts appearing - expressing inherent power of soul. Corporate Excellence & Spirituality …

Practical Approach to Spirituality : 

Practical Approach to Spirituality Upasana (Self-awareness, invocation of the divinity within) Sadhana (self-refinement, Self-restrain) Aradhana (selfless service)

Changing attributes of quotients… : 

Changing attributes of quotients… EQ - CQ SQ - PQ IQ

Vedic Wisdom … : 

Vedic Wisdom … Gayatri Mantra – May almighty illuminate our intellect which lead us to righteous path. || Om Bhurbhuvah Swah Tatsaviturvarenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat || Mahakali, Mahalaxmi & Mahasaraswati

A living example … : 

A living example … Gayatri Pariwar fraternity, successful implementation of a whole new concept of management. Based on family model – a system less system. Success story …

Slide 45: 

Sri Aurobindo The work which India has to do for humanity is a work which no other nation can accomplish - the spiritualization of race - whole globe. SABCL Vol. 1 P 799

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