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The person who more admired is: Bill Gates : 

The person who more admired is: Bill Gates The person who more admired is: Bill Gates

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I admire Bill Gates, a businessman and American philanthropist, co-founder of the company of software Microsoft, producer of the operating system for personal computers more used in the world, Microsoft Windows.

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Gate studied in the private school Elite of Lakeside in Seattle. This school had a computer in 1968 years. Gate felt really an attraction for these machine and started to love it. He didn't take long time to learn about computers and, just one week he known more than his professor. Gate and Paul Allen belt Microsoft.

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Bill Gate is third place in the most billionaire men on the world according to Forbes magazine. His goods is around $ 56.000 millions. In 1994 he got a manuscript of Leonardo Da Vinci for $25 millions.

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In June 27 of 2008 Bill Gate gave the control of his company to Steve Ballmer. He will spend his time to Bill and Melina Gate Foundation. He is an intelligent and brilliant man, successfully and grateful businessman in the world.

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