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proffesional basic selling skills


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Selling Skills Sales call : 

Selling Skills Sales call

Long Term Success Principles : 

Long Term Success Principles If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish motives, be kind anyway If you are successful, you will win some false friends, succeed anyway If you are honest, people may cheat you, be honest any way What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight, build anyway -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Long Term Success Principles : 

Long Term Success Principles If you find serenity and happiness, people may jealous, be happy any way The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow, give the world your best anyway You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and GOD, it was never between you and them anyway “Stephen Covey” ---------------------------------- ----------------------------------

Fundamentals to Success : 

Fundamentals to Success We are used to asking God to give us “hasana fiddonia walakhera” We never ask for hasana in Akhra only although it is the long-lasting. That is because God created the world for believers and disbelievers as well. God created the world for us also We have to pay good effort to gain hasana of eldonia We are in the beginning of information and globalization era and it is not late to coupe with it “Mahatier Mohammed”

General Principles for Trading : 

General Principles for Trading Trading is give and take Respect for private properties Violating the rights of others is forbidden Fairness in cases of need and weakness Satisfaction is the basis of treatment -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Your job descriptions : 

Your job descriptions .You are representing your company .Reflecting the company image .Visiting doctors concerning to your products .Building up rapport between you and your doctors .Conveying company message to doctors .Delivering products features and benefits

Your job descriptions : 

Your job descriptions Convincing doctors by your products Advantages versus other competitors .Building up your loyal doctors .Following up the pharmacies in your Area .Maintaining a doctor-pharmacies link .Watching your product market growth And its share between competitors .Monitoring your success through your Sales figures

Your job descriptions : 

Your job descriptions .Keeping contact and follow up the Distributors .Follow up the DR prescription rate Either on daily or weekly base .Opening new area to expand your Coverage and sales .Keeping your eye on centers and Hospitals that make bulk sales .Introducing your products in Different area


SALES Process through which a salesman Show the appropriate benefits of His products to a customer Therefore buying happen SALES PROCESS REQUIREMNT 1-product (s). 2-salesman represents the company 3-customer (doctors or pharmacist) They interact effectively during what Is called sales call SALES CALL .ideal salesman (medical rep). .selling Aids and tools .selling skills.




IDEAL MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE -Good Observer;Turns observation into conclusion&Actions-Honest And Sincere-Team Player-Innovative And Creative-Punctual-Follow Up His Company Policy


SELLING AIDS AND TOOLS .Bag .Pen .Visiting Card .Promotional Materials -brochures -samples -gimmicks (gifts) -Reprints and documents .Note


SELLING SKILLS Skills used during the communication With a customer (DRS) to sell our Product The aim of these skills to uncover Customer needs and how to satisfy these Needs Selling call frame: 1-opening 2-probing 3-supporting 4-closing Summarization Commitment 5-handing objection 6-Different kind buyers

Opening technique : 

Opening technique Opening : how you and the customer engage in a dialogue that generates interest in your products and agree on what will be covered during the call. At the beginning of any sales call, you want to establish a comfortable tone that sets the stage for an open exchange of information your task is to open the call in a professional ,personal manner .by referring to a prior meeting ,or mentioning a magazine article or news story you have read recently ,you give the physician a reason to continue the conversation .you set the context for your meeting and earn the right to continue.

How to open a call : 

How to open a call State the purpose. State the value . Check for acceptance. Stating the purpose and value it to the customer by making a general benefit statement .First ,you state the purpose of the call and relate it to your product .Next ,you state the value of that purpose to the customer. Checking for acceptance after stating the purpose and its value to the customer ,make sure the customer agrees with the purpose you have proposed and doe not have anything to add. Ensure that you and the customer move forward together

Tools to Enhance Attraction : 

Tools to Enhance Attraction Smile Firm handshake Speak clearly Pronounce the name correctly Use the customer name

Attraction Objectives : 

Attraction Objectives Gain attention Awaken the need Qualify the prospect Prepare for the main idea

Attraction Methods : 

Attraction Methods Introductory Patient benefit Question Numerical Referral Flattery


PROBING Asking question to gather Information and uncover Customer needs   2 types of probe open probe closed probe ?

Probing : 

Probing . open probe: to encourage the customer to respond freely such question includes: who what where why 5ws when add: how , tell me ………… . Examples for open probe: Who uses this before ? What happen when you use this ? When did you begin to notice this ? Where did it begin? ?


PROBING . Closed probe: limits the customer s response to yes or no or to a choice among alternatives that you supply -includes: do, does, are, have, has, which, - to confirm the need it is better to use open more than close probes


PROBING . EXAMPLE FOR CLOSED PROBE: Does that happen? Are you sure? Is there any one else? ?

Skills of Sales Call : 

23 Skills of Sales Call Professional Selling Need satisfaction selling What is the Selling? Is a process of uncovering and satisfying Dr needs :Steps for Selling 1-Recognize needs for your product 2-Recognize opportunities 3-Support your claims by products benefits 4-Read buying signals 5-Close at proper time


NEED AND OPPORTUNITIES .In one call may use both open and closed probe .Probe to uncover needs or opportunities NEED: Customer want or desire that can be satisfied by your product OPPORTUNITY: Customer problem or dissatisfaction that could be solved by your product


NEED AND OPPORTUNITIES .KEY WORDS OF NEED: Need Like Looking For Want Wish Interested In Uncovered Need Or Opportunity Should Be Satisfied EXAMPLES FOR NEED: We need to find a way , I'd like to deal With , I want to improve looking for Effective product .EXAMPLES FOR OPPORTUNITY : Patients when use antihistaminic Complained from dizziness. Different sexual tonics harmful for Cardiac patients.


NEED AND OPPORTUNITIES I Use Broad Spectrum Antibiotics Ever 6 Hrs Some Of My Patients Complain The Difficulty Of Remembering Dosed.   Most Of My Patients Are Elderly Patients Who Really Wish To Have An Antibiotic That Has No Side Effect On The Liver OPPORTUNTY NEED


SUPPORT .Support Statement .Translating Features into benefits .Using support aid SUPPORT STATEMENT Acknowledge The Customer Need EX.: You're Right I Agree You Need To, Exactly, I Can Understand Why That's Important To You.

Slide 28: 

Translating features into benefits Introducing The Appropriate Benefit That Satisfy The Need Of Your Customer SUPPORT AIDS That Helps You To Mind Your Customer By The Appropriate Benefits Of Your Product That Matches His Need. Detailing aids………….brochures SUPPORT

Slide 29: 


The Sales Call Frame : 

30 The Sales Call Frame Main Message The main message leads to the discussion of Benefits and Features

The Sales Call Frame : 

31 The Sales Call Frame Benefits And Features A feature is a characteristic of your product while a benefit.. is the value of the product for the patient and/or Dr Feature….. Should be product oriented while benefit……is Dr and/or patient

Features And Benefits : 

Features And Benefits …less expensive A. ensured rapid response Patient recovery …available in different B. save the patient Money forms …90 % efficacy C. make patient feel More quickly better …fast acting formula D. provides physician with Greater flexibility

Features And Benefits : 

Features And Benefits How to link a feature to a benefit which means because so that since


SELLING SKILLS Probe Open Closed Need (Satisfaction)   Features Support Benefits       Closing

Closing : 

Closing You agree with your customer on appropriate next steps for moving a mutually beneficial decision forward . When to close ? 1- the customer signals a readiness to move ahead (buying signal). 2-the customer has accepted the benefits you have described.

Slide 36: 

How to close ? 1-Summarize previously accepted benefits ,if appropriate( always remind by good accepted benefit that your customer searches on it and present in your product and lets convey your confidence in the wisdom of moving ahead ). 2-Propose next steps for you and the customer.( ensures that he or she is clear about the commitment) 3-Check for acceptance.

Customer concerns : 

Customer concerns You did your call as we discussed before and you still find that you don not get your objective comment from the customer. Now you are facing one of that situations: 1-Customer indifference. 2-Skepticism. 3-Misunderstanding . 4-drawbacks.

Slide 38: 

Answer Objections

Objections : 

Objections -An objection is never something to be feared of -A skillful salesman can easily turn objection into an opportunity to sell -Objections should be interpreted as request for additional information -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Why Does a Prospect Object : 

Why Does a Prospect Object New ideas mean old ones are wrong Fear of wrong decision No enough information No recognition of needs Did not understand explanation Needs reassurance Testing the beliefs of the salesman -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Overcoming Objections : 

Overcoming Objections You have to develop positive attitude You must have empathy Don’t argueيجادل Don’t attack after overcoming objection Help them answer their objections -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Answering Objections Methods : 

Answering Objections Methods Anticipate توقعobjections Forestall احبطobjections Admitاعترف validالمقبولة objections Postponeيؤجل the answer Deny انكارthe objections Agree and counter Question -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Plan for Answering Objections : 

Plan for Answering Objections Relax. Listen actively. Question for clarification. Restate the objection. Evaluate the objection. Decide the technique to answer. Answer the objection. Get commitments. Try for a close. ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

Slide 44: 

1-Customer indifference: Sometimes you call on customers who do not have any interest in talking with you because of : a-satisfied with competitor product or internally supplied service. b-they do not realize that it is possible to improve their current circumstances. c-they don not see the importance of making change in their circumstances. d-rightly or wrongly ,they do not want to deal with potentially negative outcomes from using your product. Indifference presents you with a perfect chance to demonstrate your genuine commitment to helping medical practitioners treat patients effectively .if you can help customer to see how to improve his or her circumstances in a significant way ,you have truly contributed to that customer's success.

Slide 45: 

How to overcome customer indifference? 1-Acknowledge the customer's point of view. 2-Request permission to probe (with limited agenda). 3-Probe to create customer awareness of needs : a-explore the customer's circumstances for : *opportunities *Effects b-Confirm the existence of a need.

Slide 46: 

2-Skepticism: the customer is doubting in your product or organization has the features or will provide the benefits you have highlighted. Resolving skepticism: 1-Acknowledge the concern. 2-Offer relevant proof. 3-Check for acceptance.

Slide 47: 

3-Misunderstanding : Customer has a concern because he or she thinks your product or service can not provide a particular feature or benefit ,when in fact ,it can provide that feature or that benefit. How to resolve misunderstanding : 1-Confirm the need behind the concern . 2- Support the need: a-Acknowledge the need. b-Describe relevant features and benefits. c-Check for acceptance.

Slide 48: 

4-Drawbacks: Every product and organization has limitations ,and you can not always satisfy all of a customer's specific needs. When a customer has a complete ,correct understanding of your product or organization ,but is dissatisfied with the presence or absence of a feature or benefit ,you are dealing with drawback ( A need you can not satisfy )

Slide 49: 

Resolving drawback : a-Acknowledge the concern. b-Refocus on the bigger picture. c-Outweigh the drawback with previously accepted benefits. d- Check for acceptance. As we see in all customer's concerns we have to probe to investigate , where the problem is .so try always to be professional in probing and getting all data you want with small amount of probing quotations . The customer who raised concern still not yet your customer and he or she could terminate your call at any time if he or she feels that you asking to waste his or her time.

Definitions for Customer : 

Definitions for Customer A suspect A prospect A user A customer A profitable customer ------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

RESPONSe Types : 


Buyers Types : 

Buyers Types

Slide 53: 

PRE CALL PLAN Approach Support Objection Post call analysis plan for Next step Handling objection Close commitment Successful Selling

Post-call Analysis : 

Post-call Analysis Did I sell Did I hold the customer interest Did I emphasize benefits Did I sensationalize the presentation Did I watch non-verbal signals Did I answer the objection properly Did I Match the agreement at the right time What will be my next call objective -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Types of Information : 

Types of Information Static Birth date Telephone number Mobile number Potentiality Attitude Treatment trends General need ---------------- ---------------- Dynamic Prescription habit Our market share Competition relation Services delivered Family condition Contract situation ---------------- ----------------

Sources of Information : 

Sources of Information Previous visit report Pharmacy Colleagues Competition Other doctors The doctor -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Territory Management : 

Territory Management Self Management Goal Setting Prospecting Prospect Classification Time Management Paper work

Self management /setting goals : 

Life style goals Career goals Business goals Self management /setting goals

Types of Business Goals : 

Types of Business Goals Sales goals Activity goals Conversion goals

Prospect classification : 

Prospect classification 20/80 rule ABC analysis Account potential/ strength of the position

Time management : 

Time management 245 working day /year 980 hour/year Value of hour Value of each visit Cost of each hour Cost of each visit

Time management : 

Time management Routing Circular Leapfrog Straight lines Cloverleaf

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing : 

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing 1.Collecting Data 2.Prepare Yourself For Sales Call 3.Follow Up The Results 1.Collecting Data -About Field To Be Covered .Geography, .Traffic, .Time Of Visits -About Your Drs And Specialties In Concern .Specialties (Int., Derm.,…….. ), .No .Of Each, .Key Drs In Each Specialty .Dr`s Behavior And Attitude

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing : 

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing .Collecting Data -about pharmacies .TOP OF THEM, .AVAILABILITY OF THE PRODUCT, .PRESCRIPION HABITS OF DRS, .DIFFERENT COMPETITORS, .DISTRIBUTORS DEALING WITH .Collecting data -About distributors . UCP ..OWNED

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing : 

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing .General notes in data collection -You Have To Know Your Distributors -You Should Contact Your Sales Representative -You Have To Know The Discount And Bonus Offered By Your Company For Each Product -You Should Maintain Your Product Availability In Such Pharmacies Specially The Key One

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing : 

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing 2.prepare yourself for sales call -Be sure of medical, product knowledge -Review the objection can be evoked and Prepare yourself to handle -practices different product calls with Your either supervisors or friend -Ensure the way of handling the brochure and Promotional material

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing : 

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing 3.Follow up the results -Day to day pharmacies feedback if your Product is prescribed or not -Weekly revision of sales figures supplied By distributors -Day after day or weekly contact with sales Representative -Every 15 days or monthly meeting with Distributors sales representative

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing : 

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing .Follow Up The Results -Weekly revision for Drs visits (Plan for not Visited Drs) -Analyze your call and visit if you targeting The right product for each call or not -Plan for next visits (Product, call, objections)

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing : 

Basic Strategies For Sales AndMarketing . OTC Business -Products That Prescribed By The Pharmacist -Such Products Include: .Cough Mix .Analgesics .Anti-inflammatory .Topical Antibiotics .Flu Drugs .GIT (diarriah, Constipation, Colic) .Pain

Slide 70: 

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and GOD, it was never between you and them anyway “Stephen Covey” 7habits

Slide 71: 

GOOD BYE and THANKS / DR IBRAHIM SALEM Marketting manager

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