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Slide 1: Vita Coco - America’s most preferred coconut water

Size matters – Vita Coco original is available in two sizes : 

Size matters – Vita Coco original is available in two sizes The beauty of one ingredient

The key benefits : 

No Fat No cholesterol No sugar added Low in calories Potassium More potassium than two bananas One ingredient Natural coconut water All natural No preservatives added Tons of Electrolytes Nature’s sports drink!! More electrolytes than leading sports drinks! 3 The key benefits

Vita Coco Tangerine : 

Vita Coco Tangerine Tangerine More Vitamin C than OJ More Potassium than OJ Half the calories Less acidity Vita Coco Tangerine - the better OJ!!

Slide 5: 

Extended shelf life No refrigeration needed Protects what’s good No preservatives needed Green 100% recyclable packaging Unique Vacation in a bottle 5 Unique green Packaging

Slide 6: 

Mature coconuts have a thick layer of “meat” and a small amount of fat and cholesterol containing “milk” X X Young coconuts are filled with clear water that naturally contains the five essential electrolytes. Coconut water vs. coconut milk What is the difference?

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The Vita Coco multi pack Vita Coco coconut water is the only coconut water that is available in a convenient Multi pack. Enjoy+ 4 Original+ 2 Pineapple+ 2 Tangerine+ 2 Peach & Mango+ 2 Passion Fruit

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The Buzz

Slide 9: 

Esquire - The new Gatorade

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Slide 11: 

People – Vita Coco is “in”

More Flavors than any other coconut water brand : 

More Flavors than any other coconut water brand Passion Fruit Peach & Mango Pineapple Tangerine Kick back and relax The original power couple The better OJ Pina Colada to the rescue … and more functional

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