Types of Communication

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What is communication ? : 

What is communication ? Derived from the Greek word “communicare” or “communico” which means “to share”. Community implies a group of people living in one place. Languages are the codes of communications.

Types of communication. : 

Types of communication.

Non-verbal communication : 

Non-verbal communication Through signs & symbols. Non-verbal can go without verbal communication. Verbal can’t go without non-verbal communication.

Verbal communication. : 

Verbal communication. Two types of verbal communication. (1) formal communication. (2) informal communication.

Formal communication : 

Formal communication We use this type of communication in offices and social gathering. Two types of formal communication. (1) Downward (2) Upward

(1) Downward communication : 

(1) Downward communication Higher designation to lower designation. Ex. Boss ordered his worker. Here effect of this type of communication is very much than upward communication.

(2) Upward communication. : 

(2) Upward communication. Lower designation to higher designation. Ex. Worker request to his boss. Here the effect of communication is less than downward communication.

Informal communication. : 

Informal communication. We use this type of communication with our family or friends. Three types of informal communication. (1) lateral (2) diagonal (3) grapevine

Lateral communication. : 

Lateral communication. Found among members working at the same level. Ex. Peer group. Most effective form of communication. Barrier of subordinates or boss is not present here.

Diagonal communication. : 

Diagonal communication. The path is mixture of vertical and horizontal movement. In large communications various departments need communication support from each other.

Grapevine communication. : 

Grapevine communication. Also called as “backbiting” or “backstabbing”. A backstabber is a colleague or an employee who acts like a friend in public but badmouth you in private.

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