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Heroes : 

Heroes Daniel Medina

Personal Hero : 

Personal Hero Daniel E Medina D Its my Father He´s from Venezuela, Ciudad Ojeda He´s an electric mechanic and got his own bussiness long time ago My father is my personal hero because is an amazing father, he does everything for our family, and work very hard in order to give us everything we want… He is a fighter and a responsible person, devoted and intelligent

The pass hero : 

The pass hero Simon Bolívar Liberating Of Venezuela He´s from Venezuela, Caracas Liberating of Venezuela and Other Countries like it Colombia, Peru etc…

Slide 4: 

Lance Armstrong He´s a Professional cyclist He´s from USA, Austin_ Texas He struggle against the cancer and has fundations in order to help people with this illness Lance is an hero of today because fight for nobles causes for gifted a second life Click Here

Spiderman : 

Spiderman He´s American Hero. A half Man and spider He´s From USA, New York City He a very Strong and agile. Saved the people with yours super powers like it Cobweb

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