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Beginner’s guide : 

To Planetstorm Beginner’s guide Collected by Jansen

Table of Contents : 

Table of Contents Getting Started Deck Building Conclusion Tournaments Challenge Coins Automatch Missions Chat Leagues Reward Points

Getting Started : 

Getting Started Hey, welcome to Planetstorm! Get new cards, beat missions & other players, and be talkative (but not annoying) on chat. This guide will show you how. For more information, visit It really does.

Missions : 

Missions The tutorial missions should be a breeze, but what about after that? Although this guide can’t go over all the missions in detail (yet) Each mission earns you a pack; this makes for 40 free packs for the free player. Pay attention to the storylines, as of now you only can see them once. Leveling up (Level cap is 19) also gets you a pack. Exp is gained through matches, like missions & challenges.

Chat : 

Chat Chat is about being sensible. Really. Don’t spam, talk in black, request too many trades, or do anything considered overly obscene. But, you can also have a good time talking to friends and great players to improve your game, or just for fun. 1: /me command ([you] [text]) 2: Chat room 3: /w command (Whisper) 4: Emotion ([You][emotion] 5: Color Picker

Deck Building : 

Deck Building The most common question among free players is “How do I make a good deck using so few cards, and only free cards?” The answer: It’s difficult, but in the long run same as with any amount of cards you have. To begin with, find cards that complement each other. This means using cards with command or repair/medic. Make sure that you use cards of different types, so that your deck doesn’t have too much of a weakness to any particular setup. It’s generally bad to mix fast weak cards with strong slow cards, as it creates large gaps in deployment. Each tier (except tier 1) has a better equivalent. The equivalent is the same stats, but is faster to deploy. Some strong squad ideas here:

Ladder Automatches : 

Ladder Automatches Automatching is easy: select the number of squads that you are most successful with, and click Confirm. It will either find a match right away or it will begin a search. Each day, you can get 3 Novice packs by winning 3 battles. Now, here is what they do not tell you: The longer you leave the search open, the wider the search parameters open, making it more likely that you will be matched against someone stronger than you. For more info… see PS help

Tournaments : 

Tournaments Tournaments are simple: you sign up for one (you must have squads that meet the requirements) and wait. When there are enough people, the tournament automatically matches you against other players. The high ranks receive prizes in paid tournaments. For more technical info… see PS help. Yeah, really stressing this.

Leagues : 

Leagues Leagues are the newest, and most rewarding, type of play in Planetstorm. Here’s a league strategy: Sign up for economy league, and build your squads. Bomb and reactive armor are especially good in leagues. Do 4 battles on the first day to test your squad. Save up 20 battles for the first pack, modify squads, expend all battles. After that, save up 16 for each pack. Much of the league is luck, like when others get Motherships and Agressor Lorns, but try your best. Please read the in-game help for details.

Reward Points : 

Reward Points Ahh, reward points… Reward points are given for: Automatches Inviting friends Buying CC Joining leagues Since all CG’s games give RP, you can farm them to get more RP for this game. When spending your RP, dont buy novice packs, and don’t get too many of the t4’s, because you need those expert packs. You may choose to invest in other games in order to acquire Challenge Coins for this one.

Challenge Coins : 

Challenge Coins Challenge coins the universal currency of Challenge Game’s games are best gotten by buying them, of course. Short of that, you can do surveys or offers in the Marketplace tab, or farm them from other GG games. The third way is to sell cards in auctions, assuming you already have tradable cards. (The sell button is under the search bar) When spending CC (in order of most payback): First go for economy leagues. Next: Search for Prime mission bundle Then: Missions, starting with Dark Matters. Tournaments and Economy leagues Buying individual cards is expensive but if you really need one, hey…

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Scratch thought up the basic outline for this guide in mid-June. I (Jansen) quickly recognized the potential of such an idea, and using his notes, and the advice of many, many others, began writing this guide. Special thanks to Arche, S E V E N D U S T, RaptorF35, Namonaki, and Captain Chronic. Also thanks to Challenge Games for conceptualizing and creating such a fine game as Planetstorm, and for the artwork. Check out their other games as well. Good Luck!  Home End Show

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