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What’s So Funny? Using Cartoons as Primary Sources : 

What’s So Funny? Using Cartoons as Primary Sources

Why Use Cartoons : 

Why Use Cartoons Information about historical events Attitudes of society at the time Good example of multiple perspectives Remember, a cartoonist is expressing an opinion not fact

Where to Find Cartoons : 

Where to Find Cartoons Newspapers Editorial pages Archival collections “CA” at OHS Collected works Artist or topic specific Internet sites See CD tutorial

Tools Used By Cartoonist : 

Tools Used By Cartoonist Exaggeration Allusion Analogy Symbolism Caricature Stereotype Humor Personification

Interpreting Cartoons : 

Historical background Secondary sources Date Examine the publication Use visual clues Issue Read surrounding editorials and articles Labels, Symbols and Stereotypes Secondary sources and surrounding editorials and articles Artist Interpreting Cartoons

Interpreting Cartoons : 

Interpreting Cartoons What about this cartoon? 1972 Olympic Games, Munich

Thomas Nast (1840-1902) : 

Thomas Nast (1840-1902) Popularized the elephant and donkey as representations of Republican and Democratic parties Originated “popular” image of Santa Claus Began a position at Harper’s Weekly in summer of 1862 Decline in popularity and skill in the mid-1870s Considered the “Father of American Caricature”

Primary Source Activity : 

Primary Source Activity Look at your Thomas Nast cartoon Complete the activity Share with the group What did you notice about your cartoon compared to the other cartoons?

Now it’s YOUR turn! : 

Now it’s YOUR turn! Create your own cartoon about the Civil War or Reconstruction Who are the players? What position are you supporting? Be creative Draw the opposite of your opinion Experiment with symbols Are you drawing as a contemporary or in retrospect? Share with the group

Example : 

Example If I pick Ohio and Underground Railroad as my topic, my cartoon may look like this If you have artistic skills your cartoon may actually look much better!

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