Christian Family and Marriage

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Christian Family and Marriage : 

Christian Family and Marriage

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Submission Headship Indissolubility

The Vocation of Marriage : 

Gen. 1:28 “Be fertile and multiply.” Mark 10:5 “What God has united let no man asunder/separate” Ephesians The Vocation of Marriage

The Vocation of Marriage : 

Marriage Is rooted in the conjugal covenant of irrevocable personal consent. A sacrament of love and life Christ himself enriches the bond of love between the husband and wife with his own saving love The Vocation of Marriage

Preparation for Marriage : 

should start early in life, requires a lifetime preparation HOME – a natural and the ideal place to learn about marriage - this holds true for the homes where true love is found between mother and father….doesn’t mean no problems Preparation for Marriage

Motives in seeking Marriage : 

POSITIVE The desire to share love To love and be loved – main reason of getting married Mature and self-giving love – putting oneself completely at the service of the well-being and happiness of the other Motives in seeking Marriage

The desire for intimacy : 

Man wants more than social relationships, he seeks for a more permanent and intimate relationship which only marriage can provide Most people long to have a companion with whom they can journey through life The desire for intimacy

The desire for intimacy : 

They want someone who accepts, reassures, and encourages them just as they are, without any need for them to pretend Seek someone with whom to share their innermost feelings and desires The desire for intimacy

The desire to build a family : 

Having a family often brings a feeling of greater emotional security. (not alone to face problems) Having a family can contribute to the feeling of self-worth and self-respect It brings a person a sense of responsibility and fulfillment The desire to build a family

Motives in seeking Marriage : 

Negative Because of Premarital pregnancy Used by some young people to force the other to marry them Use to force their parents to agree or accept their marriage or Parents force their children to get married because of pregnancy Motives in seeking Marriage

Because of disappointment : 

A way to escape from home, from unhappiness, or from insecurity Escape is not a good motivation for marriage. Just to spite or hurt others, make one’s former sweetheart jealous or get even with one’s parents or to prove themselves In these cases, marriage is going to prove nothing, hurt will be on the one who entered it for any of the reasons Because of disappointment

Out of pity or gratitude : 

Gratitude cannot be equated with love. In fact gratitude may make true love impossible. Love is not a payment of indebtedness; it is a gift we offer freely to the other. If gratitude cant be accepted as a motive neither can pity. Out of pity or gratitude

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True marital love The most perfect form of human love between two people It is the ideal for which husband and wife aspire and into which they grow throughout their life together Blends the various types of love as found in different human relationships

Different components of LOVE : 

Romantic Love A profound, tender or passionate affection for a person of the opposite sex Characterized by intensity of feelings, a desire to be together, and a strong feeling of sexual attraction An idealization and adoration Foundation of a great number of relationships that lead to marriage Not enough for marriage partners to grow into true marital love Different components of LOVE

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Erotic love Is sexual love This is needed for a healthy growth towards true marital love, which is uniquely expressed and perfected through marital act Sex may never be separated from love for the other as a person.

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Dependent Love Is the one which develops when one’s needs are fulfilled by another person They complement with one another and grow into greater oneness which after all is the purpose of marriage That’s why when one loses the other…it is hard to move on…

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Friendship Love Is the love which exists between those who have common bonds of friendship and concern Most commonly and frequently experienced aspect of marital love Manifested so well by couples who share common interests, enjoy talking with one another, or simply get along so well

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Altruistic Love Unconditional love Love which God shows to us Self-giving love and not thinking for the happiness of self.

Elements of Compatibility : 

Compatibility Refers to the capability of living together in harmony Since marriage is a lifetime commitment, it is advisable and wise for the couple to evaluate their compatibility before making their final decision Elements of Compatibility

Elements of Compatibility : 

Religion Socio-economic status/racial and cultural background Educational background The education which a person enjoyed determines greatly his interests and activities When a couple has very different educational backgrounds, they also have very different kinds of work, interests, social circles. This will greatly affect the quality time they spend together Elements of Compatibility

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Age A person must first grow into a mature person before he is truly ready for marriage Young people must first enjoy the freedom of single life before settling down in marriage and starting a family Ideally speaking the young couple should have a stable job and regular income, be capable of supporting their own family and thus achieving some independence from their parents.

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