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Slovenia Challenges and opportunities : 

Slovenia Challenges and opportunities Mojca Centa Debeljak Director-General Slovenian Tax Administration

Slovenia in brief : 

Slovenia in brief Population: 2,04 million (June 2008) Area: 20.273 km² (~100 per km²) Democratic parliamentary republic since June 25, 1991 Member of the European Union since May 1, 2004, Currency: EUR since January 1, 2007 GDP/capita: 18.196 € (2008) Average earnings (March 2008): 1.425,05 € (gross) Government deficit – 0,9 % GDP (2008) Public debt 22,8 % GDP (2008)

Slovenian Tax Administration (2008) : 

Slovenian Tax Administration (2008) Revenue: 12.113 billion € Revenue per capita: 6.057 € Employees: 2.586 Operational costs/revenue: 0,81 % Active tax payers: 2.678.234 (111.694 legal entities) Tax revenue structure: social security contributions 43,8 % taxes on income and profit 29,7 % taxes on goods and services 22,5 % other taxes 4 %

Modernization achivements to date : 

Modernization achivements to date The system of informative calculations for personal income tax All forms of all taxpayers are submitted via electronic media Individual REK (recapitulation) forms Improvement of Tax Administration’s image among key stakeholders, mainly on the basis of the central value of the Slovenian Tax Administration – professional competence at work Certificate ISO 9001:2008

Key modernization goals : 

Key modernization goals Definition of risky taxpayers with detailed risk analyses and redefinition of roles of individual work fields (control vs. auditing) New IT system Conclusion of agreements with the largest taxpayers Definition of roles of tax intermediaries and conclusion of agreements on the basis of professional competence and best practice

Remaining gaps : 

Remaining gaps Renovation of IT system, which will last at least 3.5 years Establishment of the Tax Academy – increasing the level of professional work competence not only at the Tax Administration, but also at colleagues at law enforcement authorities and courts Measures during the crisis and after it in the field of motivation of employees

Present key challenges/risk : 

Present key challenges/risk reduction of inflows at simultaneous pressure for provision of planned inflows reduction of operational costs and reduction of human resources at simultaneous increase of tasks motivation of employees

Challenges/opportunities : 

Challenges/opportunities process of planning activities, inflows will require taking additional factors into consideration the need for changing performance evaluation criteria will intensify introduction of new, cost-efficient services at simultaneous reduction of resources changing of roles of individual work fields (e.g. control, desk audit) will require additional efforts because the investment cycle will come to a standstill to achieve agreement with key stakeholders on investments, which are urgent, especially due to intensified

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