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bhel turbogenrator production


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A Presentation on : 

A Presentation on Turbo Generators & Exciters BHEL Haridwar, Production Block-1, HEEP Presented By: - Himank Mathur EE VII Sem

Overview - B.H.E.L : 

Overview - B.H.E.L BHEL is the largest engineering &manufacturing enterprise in India. Established 40 years ago. Earns profits continuously since 1971-72,& paying dividends since 1976-77


BHEL DELIVERS Installed equipment for over 90,000MW of power generation. Supplied over 225000MVA Transformer capacity. Supplied 25000 motors with drive control system. Supplied traction electrics & A.C./D.C. locos to power over 12000 kms railway networks.

History of development in BHEL : 

History of development in BHEL In 1950s: At Bhopal with British collaboration 30 MW & 120 MW Hydrogen cooled. In 1960s: At Haridwar with Russian collaboration 100MW & 200 MW Hydrogen cooled. In 1970s: At Hyderabad with Germany Collaboration 60MW Air Cooled & 110MW Hydrogen cooled.

Vision, Mission & Values : 

Vision, Mission & Values

BHEL Haridwar Complex : 

BHEL Haridwar Complex Location:- Complex is situated in the foot hills of shivalik range in Haridwar district of Uttaranchal state.

HEEP Classification : 

HEEP Classification

Block- 1 HEEP : 

Block- 1 HEEP

Turbo Generators : 

Turbo Generators

Turbo Generator - Stator : 

Turbo Generator - Stator Stator Frame:- Flexible core suspensions components, core and stator winding. Consist of cylindrical frame housing to flanged rings and ribs. The outer casing is of gastight and pressure resistant welded construction. Housing and ribs made up of non-magnetic steel to prevent eddy current losses.

Slide 11: 

Stator Core:- The stator core is stacked with insulated electrical sheet steel laminations with a low loss index. To remove the heat, a large number of spacer segments, placed at intervals along the bore length. The stator core and winding assembly is mounted in the outer casing by means of welded springs.

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