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Webquest : 

Webquest Heather Avrech Edx1201x August 1, 2009

Introduction : 

Introduction Are you well informed about sexually transmitted diseases? A sexually transmitted disease (STD) is a disease transmitted through sexual contact between two people. They may be transmitted through the exchange of semen, blood, and other body fluids or by direct body contact. The term sexually transmitted disease applies to more than twenty different infections. At one time, these diseases were more commonly referred to as venereal diseases. Here is your chance to learn more about sexually transmitted diseases and how to protect yourself from them. You and a partner will collect and analyze statistics of one STD of your choice. You will also learn about the history of the STD as well as determine what you feel the schools/teachers responsibility in teaching children about STD’s should entail.

Task : 

Task You and a partner will become an expert about the STD you choose at the end of this joint exercise. It will be your responsibility to collect and analyze statistics and data regarding the STD as well as determine what you feel is the school/teacher’s responsibility in warning/teaching children about STD’s. After collecting and analyzing data, you will create a PowerPoint presentation as well as give an oral presentation of your statistics ands findings.

Process : 

Process Choose a sexually transmitted disease to research from the document provided in the following link: sexually transmitted diseases. Research the history of the sexually transmitted disease. Collect and analyze data and statistics regarding the STD. Determine role of the school/teacher in education students about STDS. Create PowerPoint presentation as well as prepare for an oral presentation.

Evaluation : 

Evaluation Your group must collect and analyze all data and statistics and determine your final thoughts about what role the school/teacher should have in teaching students about STDS. The final PowerPoint and oral presentation plays a large role in your grade; Your grade is based upon your knowledge in your area of expertise, presentation of statistics/data (board display,oral report, PowerPoint), and whether or not your group's analysis of evidence thoroughly explains the STD. Find the grading rubric for this assignment at the following link: grading rubric.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Learning about STD’s and how to protect yourself from them is important for your health and safety. Knowledge is power and educating yourself to protect your health is a life goal you should always try to attain. If you are interested in or need to access STD resources, you may find the following sites helpful: STD resource. STD support website. STD support groups.

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