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Changing Approach : 

Changing Approach Vegetable shop Reliance fresh Theatre Multi store Looking for Customer satisfaction…

Everything has changed : 

Everything has changed Food Life style Education Automobile Communication Sports Technology Working culture

How Game has changed…..Cricket : 

How Game has changed…..Cricket Only a sports Test Match- 5 boring days 50-50 to 20-20 Filled with Fun/entertainment/ Glamour/ Passion 3 hour movie Enjoy every moment- Player & Public

Growing Competition : 

Growing Competition Increase in no. of shops Chain pharmacies Special services by chemists Free tests like BP & Sugar check up Special discounts Home deliveries

How to Survive? : 

How to Survive?

Your service can make the Difference : 

Your service can make the Difference

You are a Real friend to patients : 

You are a Real friend to patients Selling medicines Correct advice to patients Clearing all the myths & misconceptions How to take the medication Why to take the medication Outcomes with the treatment

What patient expects from you… : 

What patient expects from you… If you take any disease Good understanding about his disease How to take his medication Clarifying all doubts Any other free services like tests/patient leaflets

What patient expects in Asthma… : 

What patient expects in Asthma… To understand his disease To know how to use his devices To clarify all his doubts To clear all his myths & misconceptions To know how long he should use his inhalers

Why you should do all these? : 

Why you should do all these? Competitive market Need to attract your customers Being unique in the market with your services Maintaining loyal customers

Everything result into… : 

Everything result into… Increase in Business

Slide 12: 

with Cipla Respiratory Partnership in Business

The need for Educating Asthma patients : 

The need for Educating Asthma patients Asthma – a chronic disease Lot of Myths & Misconceptions about the disease Stigma in using Inhalers/Steroids Difficulty in usage of devices

Current status : 

Current status Doctor No time to educate patients Gives only Rx Chemist Too busy Gives only Medicines Poor Patient takes… Rx form Doctor Medicine from Chemist Who will explain/educate him?

It leads to… : 

It leads to… Patient having no knowledge about his disease/medicine Changing doctor/chemist regularly Results… You loose a good patient & You loose Business

Benefits if you educate… : 

Benefits if you educate… A loyal customer Costly (long term) medicines Patient satisfaction & Trust Good word of mouth Take medicines for other diseases also Doctors trust in you Seroflo 250 R/c= Rs.210*2=Rs.420*12=Rs. 5040*3=Rs.15120

What Experience Says? : 

What Experience Says? Chemist talking on handling competition/increase in business Chemist talking on Use of Device demo Chemist talking on use of PFM Chemist talking on Swas mitra clinic/Referrals Endorsements

What do we train? : 

What do we train? Device Demonstration Educating about the disease ‘Asthma’ How to clear all the Myths & Misconceptions of the patients Need for Long term usage Use of Peak flow Master Training film

Materials for You… : 

Materials for You… Respiratory Tools Device stand Kit Patient Edu AV’s/ Leaflet/ Booklet Farzana Suri & Peak Flow Posters Peak Flow Master ( Saleable) Farzana Suri AV’s

Swas Mitra : 

Swas Mitra Swas Mitra : An Asthma clinic at Chemist Objective : - To Trap the untapped asthmatics – oral users, Sos Inh user - Check the Device Technique of the Inhalation users - Trained the Trainers ( Chemist )

Success with Swas Mitra… : 

Success with Swas Mitra… At Each Swas Mitra avg 10-11 patients are turning up All the chemist are getting business of Rs. 1000 avg business on the clinic day. We also bring doctor to your place and where he will do a free consultaion There are chemists whose business has been increased a lot.

Promotional Input : 

Promotional Input Publicity of Swas Mitra Clinic Clinic Information Board Swas Mitra Clinic Registration Format Pamphlets For You… Rotahaler Poly Begs Pads/ Pen All Device Demonstration Short Book Nicogum Envelop

Slide 23: 

Poly Bag

Slide 24: 

Swas Mitra Short Book

Slide 25: 

Swas Mitra Short Book

Slide 26: 

Swas Mitra Short Book

Slide 27: 

Swas Mitra Short Book

Slide 28: 

Swas Mitra Short Book

Slide 29: 

Swas Mitra – Nicogum Envelope

Slide 30: 

Farzana Suri- Jeeto Asthma Se Poster

Slide 31: 

Peak Flow Master Poster

Slide 32: 

Swas Mitra Clinic Board

Slide 33: 

Swas Mitra Patient Registration Format

Slide 34: 

Swas Mitra Patient Registration Format

Slide 36: 

Swas Mitra Clinics Pamphlets

Slide 37: 

Clinic Invitation Card

Slide 38: 

Referral Card

Slide 39: 

Swas Mitra – Patient Education leaflet

Slide 40: 

Swas Mitra – Patient Education leaflet

Slide 42: 

What happens in Asthma….. Bronchospasm & Inflammation

Slide 44: 


Slide 45: 

Recognition of asthma triggers and avoiding them including smoking is the first step towards controlling asthma TRIGGERS Trigger Factors are things that set off or start asthma Can vary from person to person. An asthma attack can be induced by direct irritants (allergens)

What patient thinks about inhalers… : 

What patient thinks about inhalers… Becomes habit Last resort Side effects Why not tablets and syrups? Fear about steroids Social stigma

Slide 47: 

Why Inhalers? Oral Large dosage used Greater side effects Slow onset of action Not useful in acute symptoms Inhaled Small amount of dosage used Lesser side effects Fast onset of action (e.g. bronchodilators) Useful in acute symptoms

Slide 48: 

Less Drug Without Side effects Straight into the Lungs Why Inhaled Therapy ? Asthalin 4 mg Tabs 40 Puffs of Asthalin Inh

Slide 49: 

Eyes Skin Eczema Lungs Nasal Congestion Ear Problem

Slide 50: 

Affects the Brain Affects the Lungs Will I be addicted to Inhaler or Rotahaler ? Smoking Alcohol Tea or Coffee

Why does one need regular treatment with controllers? : 

Why does one need regular treatment with controllers? Traditional treatment Regular Controllers Ideal treatment

Thank You : 

Thank You

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