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Schizophrenia : 

Traci Parks Sharita Williams Kyra Overstreet Maryann Barnes Schizophrenia


Ask patient if there having ( hallucinations)false sensory inputs with no external stimuli. Ask if there having ( delusions) fixed false ideas that are not based in reality. ( Derealization) inability to tell where ones body and the environment ends. Check there thought process from contact with reality to fantasy thinking. (Preservation)the repeating of the same idea in response to different questions, or ( poverty of thought), a lack of ability to produce new thoughts. You want to pay close attention to emotions. NURSING ASSESSMENT

Brain Tissue Loss in Adolescents with Schizophrenia : 

Brain Tissue Loss in Adolescents with Schizophrenia


Socially, schizophrenic persons are unable to establish or maintain relationship with others. Self-esteem is low, and gender identify confusion may exist. They have few friends and little interest in hobbies or other activities . Social behaviors are often inappropriate . Many prefer to be alone because of hallucinations or feelings of paranoia. The few family and social relationships that do exist usually follow a rocky course. They may also have poor judgment and poor hygiene. PSYCHOSOCIAL


Establish therapeutic relationship , be available, listen actively, do not pass judgment. Trust must be established if therapy is to be effective. Establish and reinforce a daily routine increases security by knowing what to expect. Use clear direct statements when talking, make sure body language is in keeping with the message being sent. Unclear or confusing communications can increase distorted perceptions. Accept and support feelings and appropriate expressions of emotion. Communicating empathy and understanding decreases anxiety. Carefully monitor response to medications. Early recognition prevents serious side effects and complications. NURSING INTERVENTIONS &RATIONALES


Maintain health and safety. Establish a trusting relationship. Encourage responsibility for self. Encourage and praise socially acceptable behaviors. Encourage family involvement and understanding. Be aware of side effects of antipsychotic medications. PATIENT/FAMILY TEACHING

Schizophrenia - Video : 

Schizophrenia - Video

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