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Welcome To Your Library : 

Welcome To Your Library Mrs. Bagley

Media Center : 

Media Center Another word for library

Your Media Center Has--- : 

Your Media Center Has--- Books, Books, Books

Fiction Books : 

Fiction Books Books that are make-believe, imaginary, and not true. Like: Hatchet, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Harry Potter.

Non-Fiction Books : 

Non-Fiction Books Books that are true, factual, and real–life. Like: “Zoo books”, “I can draw books”, or “Guinness book of world records”.

Reference Books : 

Reference Books Encyclopedias Atlases Almanacs Dictionaries

Series Books : 

Series Books Books by the same author about the same characters in different situations. Like “Junie B. Jones”, “Nate the Great” and the “A to Z Mysteries”.

Biographies : 

Biographies True, factual books written about a famous person by someone else. You can find books on Presidents, sports heroes, or authors.

Periodicals : 

Periodicals Magazines Such as: “Boys life”, “American Girl”, “Kids” or “Ranger Rick”.

Graphic Novels : 

Graphic Novels Graphic Novels are books like “Calvin and Hobbs”, “Bone Books”, “Spiderman” and “Baby Mouse”. The graphics in the book tell a lot of the story.

Beehive Books : 

Beehive Books The Beehive Award is given each year to great children books. It is given to great informational books, fiction, picture and poetry.

Visit Your Library!!!!! : 

Visit Your Library!!!!!

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