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Time saving tips to help expedite check requests Presented by: Penny RainsAccounts Payable CoordinatorExt 6782 : 

Time saving tips to help expedite check requests Presented by: Penny RainsAccounts Payable CoordinatorExt 6782

Plan Ahead : 

Plan Ahead Allow a minimum of five (5) working days Days are counted from the time the requisition is received in the Business Office. Please be aware that problems with equipment, etc. can arise that will cause a delay of the check processing. Longer delays are commonly the result of not having requisitions completed properly or the lack of W-9 forms.

Check request guidelines : 

Check request guidelines Two signatures are required. Complete required sections of requisition form. Make sure name and address are correct (dept addresses are okay). Attach supporting documentation ( 5 W’s – Who, What, Where, When and Why) Payment for any Service (individual, group or company) must have a W9 form on file.

Name and Address : 

Name and Address Please use full and proper names (no nicknames or initials). Please use middle initial for common last names. Please use correct mailing addresses. Use Remit to” or ‘Make check payable to” addresses Checks for employees are sent to their departments Checks for the students go to their Worner Box. Can be mailed to home address if it’s requested. That address should be entered on the address line. Requesting special handling Complete address section like normal Document special handling in Special Instruction Box Unable to call when check is issued. Please look on GoWest.

Separate checks and FOAP’s : 

Separate checks and FOAP’s All payments made payable to the same payee must be on one requisition. Separate check exceptions are: Cash Advances When separate checks are required, please complete two requisitions and explain the reason. Multiple FOAP’s can be used on each requisition. If you don’t have room on the requisition, just attach a separate sheet.

Supporting Documentation : 

Supporting Documentation NO payments can be made using statements or quotations. Accurately (and briefly) describe reason for payment. Reference information printed on check advise Invoice # 38 character summary of reason for payment (reimbursement, supplies for party, payment for T-shirts)

View checks issued on GoWest : 

View checks issued on GoWest Log into GoWest Finance Menu Transaction Detail Enter Organization Select Month to view Double click on desired transaction

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