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Types of Energy : 

Types of Energy Energy can be broadly divided into two categories:- Renewable Energy ie.,Non-Conventional Energy Non-Renewable Energy ie.,Conventional Energy 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 2

Renewable Energy : 

Renewable Energy Renewable energy can be generated continuously practically without decay of source. Conventionally available E.g.:- Solar Energy Wind Energy Geothermal Energy 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 3

Renewable Energy (Contd.)Solar Energy : 

Renewable Energy (Contd.)Solar Energy Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy by using solar panel, or alternatively, by used as thermal energy using solar water heaters, solar cookers . Solar Panels Solar Trough 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 4

Renewable Energy (Contd.) Wind Energy : 

Renewable Energy (Contd.) Wind Energy Wind energy can be converted into electrical energy by the wind mills and can be used for many purposes. 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 5

Renewable Energy (Contd.) : 

Renewable Energy (Contd.) Hydro Energy Using dams, water is allowed to pass through turbine blades, which produces electricity. In India, after coal, most of the energy is produced by this method. 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 6

Renewable Energy (Contd.) : 

Renewable Energy (Contd.) Geothermal Energy A lot of energy exists inside earth crust . Natural hot water springs are a good source of getting such energy. 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 7

Non Renewable Energy : 

Non Renewable Energy Non renewable energy cannot be generated again and again. E.g. energy generated from combustion of fossil fuels coal gas 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 8

Why to Conserve? : 

Why to Conserve? We have limited fuels available on earth. Our demand for energy is increasing day-by-day. It is possible that someday, most of fuels will be exhausted, and we will have to switch over to alternate energy . 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 9

Limited Fuels : 

Limited Fuels At present consumption levels- Crude oil will last only for 40 years. Gas will last for 60 years. Coal will be finished in nearly 200 years. Ever thought of life without oil and gas? 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 10

Increasing Consumption : 

Increasing Consumption Furthermore, our consumption is increasing day-by-day. This means fuels will last much earlier than expected. The only solution is ….. ENERGY MANAGEMENT 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 11

Energy Conservation in India : 

Energy Conservation in India In India, government has passed “Energy Conservation Bill, 2001” for better utilization of energy and conservation of the same. By this act, it is mandatory for energy intensive sectors to get their “Energy Audit” conducted by accredited energy auditor. 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 12

Energy Conservation in India (Contd.) : 

Energy Conservation in India (Contd.) Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE): This body keeps watch on energy consumption patterns, develops norms for appliances etc. It also organizes different competitions e.g. poster & slogan competition etc. for children. Star Ratings: Star Ratings BEE has also initiated “Star Rating System” for electrical appliances e.g. refrigerator, CFL, geysers etc. In this system, 1-5 stars are allotted to products depending on their energy efficiency. A five star product means that it consumes least energy in its segment. 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 13

What Can We Do? : 

What Can We Do? We, the children can do our bit to save energy. We should not waste energy in school or at home. 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 14

What Can We Do? In School : 

What Can We Do? In School Always switch off lights and fans while going out of the class. In computer lab, we should switch off computers before going out of class. If there are less students in the class, we should sit together so that some fans can be switched off. 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 15

What Can We Do? At Home : 

What Can We Do? At Home We should not keep light and fan unnecessarily switched on. We should not open fridge door frequently. We should not open fridge door for long time.Watching interesting programs on TV is interesting, but afterwards, TV should be switched off.While going to purchase new products, e.g. refrigerator, geysers, CFL etc., we should insist upon purchasing a five star product rather than cheap and energy waster product. 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 16

How will it help? : 

How will it help? Take an example: We replace one 100W bulb with a 13W CFL. Let us assume electricity is available for Rs. 3.00 per unit, and this bulb is used for 6 Hours a day. The annual saving would be….Power Saving: Power saved: 100W-13W = 87W =87W X 6 Hours X 365 Days =17520 WH =17.520 kWH or Units =Rs. 52.56 Say Rupees 50 per one bulb replaced. 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 17

How will it help? (Contd.) : 

How will it help? (Contd.) So, Remember to replace light bulbs with CFLs so electricity could be available for more time. You can also ask your parents for a chocolate or some other gift after reducing your electricity bill.What Else can be Done? We should discuss energy conservation with our friends and tell others how can we reduce energy consumption. 8/18/2009 ENERGY MANAGEMENT 18



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