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SmartBoard Possible Instructional Uses

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Virtual Tours and Field Trips

Slide 3: Tour objects from the Smithsonian Institute Virtual Tour of the Sun

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Film Clips and Animations

Slide 5: Watch educational videos from the popular PBS TV station

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Collaborative Interactive Events

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Interactive Games

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Introducing Lab Activities

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Introducing Lab Activities Saves Lab Time Focuses on Process Fewer Distractions Class Members Can Help Demonstrate

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Slide 11: PowerPoint Tutorial Tutorials

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The SmartBoard allows you to do all of the following: Virtual Tours and Field Trips Film Clips and Animations Collaborative Interactive Events: Interactive games and PowerPoint activities Introducing Lab Activities Demonstrations Interactively Explore the Internet Presentations: Students can present PowerPoint presentations by simply tapping on the board to transition

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We must remember the vision of our K-12 students and make our classrooms interactive and engaging for all.

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